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  1. 30k Health Essence

  2. 30k Health Essence

    Hello. On behalf of our most recent guild project, RIOT guild would like to sell 30k health essences @ 10.5gc each. Reply below or contact one of us in game. We will let you know when they are SOLD! (in game - ujunwa)
  3. Hello again EL! from AluminA

    Hello Alumina! Welcome back to EL! Bring some friends with you! 🙃
  4. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Saxum, I would appreciate if you kept your sacrificial comment to yourself. This game should not be compared to communism, it is rather about a game developer that made a game for players to enjoy skill diversity, chatting, and events. If you feel this way you spenda little too much time on the game and need to find another hobby. It’s not that serious.
  5. Portals of the dark Lord forum contest

    Oh my goodness, does this mean we will be getting a return from Vanyel soon?
  6. EXP Bonus after the kill

    I like how EL is built this way, whereas there are alot of other MMOs that offer both. Never really liked that. EL is a game all of its own, which makes it my favorite till this day.
  7. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Well, if the demand isn't covered that seems like a personal problem to me. With alts there should be no reason why they can't mix the essences themselves, if they can't find a seller..
  8. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    I'm all for helping newbies to stay in the game, I don't see any harm in this being implemented as this would be hard for alts to abuse due to the low amount of exp given anyways, compared to just transferring magic ings from an alt and leveling magic that way. I think it's a great idea.
  9. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    All Burn is referring to is making the game fun again for alchemists. What's the point in making and selling items when players could buy them from the NPC for around the same price. For the hard work that alchemists put in, they should receive some type of reward other than being forced to compete with an NPC for their prices. I agree the essences should be taken off the NPCs so they are only accessable if 1) you make them yourself or 2) buy them from someone else.
  10. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Personally I’d love to see this suggestion be implemented into the game. It is another good way to support Entropy on all of his hard work & relieve some heartache from many players struggling with this quest. The only obvious con that I acknowledge is, the players that put in sooo much time to complete the quests themselves. I am curious to see how they feel about this.
  11. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    Ahhh okay. Thanks for the info revi, I’ll have to check this out!
  12. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    So, I'm confused as to what this is implying as I have only visited the Wraith to add pickpoints and perks. Is this to find out which part of the tutorial quest you are on?
  13. android app

    At the time, I was connected through WiFi
  14. Thanks Burn! I plan to download them today, the single/multi combat feature is soo useful.
  15. android app

    Some time last week I believe, I tried to log into EL from my Android phone.. & could not get past the log in screen. I have not tried to log back via Android since. I am guessing because of a recent update? I will try again once I get home this evening.