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  1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Today is the 27th day of Vespia, the year 0060, Age of the Eternals. Game Time: 04:09:20 (October 10, 2019) At the new day, we received a Special Day called - Day of the Dead. There is a slight misspelling in the day description. The #day command reads as follows: Today is a special day: Day of the Dead English: This day, there is a random chance that when an entity dies (human or computer controlled) it will respawn full health where it died, without droping any items or using rostogol stones. Role Playing: Mortos has some extra power today, so he will randomly save any living (or undead) being from it's ultimate fate. In the #day description the word "droping", should be spelled "dropping". I just thought it was worth a mention.
  2. Selling Human Removal Stone

  3. Selling Human Removal Stone

    As the title inquires, I am selling this stone. Feel free to reply to this thread if you are interested, or leave ujunwa a Mercator about your interest. I look forward to doing business with you (I ask that you please be patient with the delivery of this item, as I am continuing to move today so I will be in game about 5 hours from this initial post, tyvm.) First come, first serve
  4. Global Quest FAQ

    I appreciate all of your info for this quest btw LittleLooter Today I realized the previous Global Quest we had was over, so I proceeded to Hyutan to see what he required. Upon reaching Hyutan he did not need help with the current global at the time (even though the Global was over ) So.. I was asking around on the invasion channel to see if I could get some help. Oakhex explained that one has to talk to Jerun in the TG Magic School first before Hyutan would tell us what he needs for the Global. So, when the previous Global is no longer, we must speak to Jerun before hand to start the quest. (My apologies if this has already been mentioned in the thread, I did not bother to look *laughs*) Sorry, I just thought I would inform anyone that may have the same issue I had, in the future.
  5. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 gypsum of which I have 1089, 1200 Amber and I have 400, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixtures of which I already have 21, and finally, 50 Black Dragon Scales of which I already have 50. Lexi and skully managed to harvest the remaining gypsum last night. The next step would be to haul the gypsum to Hyutan. I am also willing to trade the gypsum to global_bot if that is a better idea. Contact ujunwa in game for any questions.
  6. origins of Swords and Armour in eternallands

    It seems most of the weapons, besides the magic swords, are based from true medieval lore from the past and present real life periods. I suppose maybe the blacksmiths in Seridia & Irilion could share their knowledge about these weapons with us, but that is something you would have to persuade them
  7. Sound Installation on Linux

    Perfect, thank you very much for this info Shadowgate! *thumbs UP*
  8. Good day everyone Today I figured I will go ahead and install the sound on my EL client. As I was going to download the sound file from the EL website, I noticed there are no steps on *how* to install sound on Linux. I am rather new to this OS, but I figure it should be easy enough for someone that is familiar with it (I am sure the mkdir command is required somewhere). So, if it is possible I would like to suggest (on the EL download page, under Sounds), that steps on how to install sounds on Linux may be added as well. I think it would be useful for fellow Linux n00bz such as myself
  9. I broke leather boots while training on a different char today And it appears that Buni required me to break them, I got the pop up message afterwards.
  10. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Hello. While talking to Dorel today, his customer Barnes is in need of assistance. In Dorel's dialogue it states as follows: "Today's customer is Barnes. He usually spends his time in the Paln Vertas escape tunnels.." I apologize if this has already been brought to the Dev team's attention, but as we see here, there is a slight misspelling in the world Palon. I thought it was worth a mention.
  11. +1 for this idea as well Kaddy. I would love to know how many/much of an item I have "used". Something quite similar to the other counters, such as Alchemy, etc which require a simple click in the manufacture window to be put into its own category. I am hoping this type of counter could be added as well for consumables.
  12. Daily Quests

    After discussing this a bit with Lexi on channel 6 yesterday, I realized how cool this would be ! Since alchemy & spell counters already exist, I suppose that is an advantage. Having an alchemy daily that requires you to mix a certain amount of an item for different exp rewards! I am not aware of anything programming related so I'm not sure if it will be worth the time I agree with adding a magic daily as well, as Lexi stated, you would have to cast a certain number of spells before returning to the NPC for your reward. +1 on this idea from me
  13. Adding something new to the game is not only exciting but very much needed especially for very high level fighters that tend to think EL as the Eternal Bore. (I tend to disagree ). EL needs more of this, good suggestions to come to "life" and give everyone something fresh to look forward to. As much of a hassle it may be, if the suggestions and new additions turn out to be a bad decision. It could be removed. I think it is a great idea, Wizzy. +1 from me
  14. I am currently doing this quest on my alt. The only armour I recall breaking was my leather torso of which I actually got a pop up for. While fighting in battle I broke my leather boots and did not get a pop up. So, I am going to assume I already broke them and continue through the list. Hopefully quest progression can be added to Buni one day to cause less confusion. P.S. The progress is tracked in our quest log under "Heartbreaking" but I play on different computers sometimes so my quest log is not updated on the latter.
  15. New daily fight quest

    I think this would be a great idea. I see that you would like this to be a daily quest, which I think is especially good. So, this would mean we could do Heimdall & Haidir's daily on the same day. Yeah, count me in. +1 Rip