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  1. Android web page

    Very nice webpage.
  2. El Wiki

    Thanks Darrock! This site will suffice for now..
  3. Glad to be back :D

    Welcome back
  4. Low level boss like monster

    Can you elaborate on what was done with DPa? It would be a nice idea to have a lower level monster with high hp for new players to kill. I agree they will feel a sense of accomplishment and develop strategies on how to work with a team if they were to join instances/invasions/invances in the future. Granted, I don't think there are enough new players coming into the game for one to want to implement this (I may be wrong ).
  5. Joules Day as TY to all my EL Friends

    Thanks YethQ!!
  6. Varus MADr Scammers

    Okay, I read this post half-way through and realized that if you're going to whine about getting your deathbag taken, you should of at least worn another rosto, how hard is that?
  7. Demographic Study of Feros

    Agreed with Mr. Learner. I have known people that have never gotten a NMT drop from feros at all even after 50k+. Although it all depends on your luck and faith, 2.8k fluffies and the next second I was wearing orange. Soo good luck to you mate!
  8. Can't resolve server address.

    Hello. When I tried to log back into EL, I get in red letters. "Can't resolve server address. Perhaps you are not connected to the internet or your DNS server is down." I look on the EL page at online players to see if others were connected, which they are. How can I fix this problem? -Cruz
  9. Fique

    Fique You can't expect to have your spawn back after you have been afk for 10 minutes at a feros spawn. unfortunately, it doesn't work that way cx.. when you show you aren't "actively fighting" on the spawn and just standing there rather, because of you being AFK - it is fair game to whoever arrives on the spawn to start fighting. I'm not posting this to bitch about anything, its just that I don't want to be called a serper the next time I serp you for trying to claim a spawn you're clearly not presently active for (this has happened on more than one occasion). Agis29 can vouche for me hahaha
  10. I vote yes for this idea. (simply speaking)
  11. No More Mirroring Cape

    Honestly, this a great idea Rabbitman. I believe that suggestions like that adds innovation and diversity to the way some items are used in the game. My vote is that I will use this item in Invasions/invances/instances, although I rarely ever fight.
  12. I agree they are nicely detailed maps, while they are fixed i'll replace the evtr sulfur/iron cave with the BS one for the meantime. nice work
  13. Joker suprise !

    Wow!! grats Momr58. my guess is that Joker gave you his daughter's christmas present by mistake
  14. Hi after installing your high res version of the maps, while inside of the EVTR sulfur cave the map comes up as a white screen. I'm not sure if it's my computer or somewhere I could have screwed up during installation