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  1. ejderha

    lol how can my bro mislead corpus warns always there is also a warning "its a pk map.." lol its not about being a noob its about knowing english or not
  2. vampireloren =

    then spelling lesson's starting now but i don want a bagjumper teacher
  3. ejderha

    you steel here ? man go hurry up this sendrom have very bad effects to brain
  4. vampireloren =

    send me 1 for free
  5. vampireloren =

    go a doctor for suddenly idiocy sendrom
  6. ejderha

    lol ohmygod i rememer last day how argian killed your chimmy's and you in a sec lol you must tthink about who's plankton
  7. vampireloren =

    Let me just run this past you all.......'bouta week ago while while pvping Ejderha (who i guess is one of the versions of Doctor) Attacked both me and my partner. I died to the mana drain and harm cast. I only lost a small amount of stuff... so whatever, it sucks, its a petty way to pk....but its the nature of the game. I did not post.....nor pm....nor even answer his stupid running commentary directed at me. A few days later while training in the summoning arena at SK.....just me and a cyclops ....I get joined by atilla standing waiting his chance..... again this is his right.... I dissed the cyclops...but he pkd me. Did i mention???did i complain??? did i ask for my stuff back??? nope!. This time it was more costly...1mm cape, 1 serp, 1 steel chain, 1shield, some srs and he...oh and i forgot one damaged pair of greaves and one ditto pair of cuisses. I did think his guild and mine...had a non aggression policy. He immediately offered my things on the market channel....NP...that is the nature of the game. I took my chances.....and accepted the cost. BUT!!!! what goes around comes around....tonight while on my way to CM.... i see Ejderha.....and as I see him ...i see a bag...which i klik on. ( I have always returned..watched over...and looked after dbs)... Ejderha typed that it was atillas bag..... Let me describe the feeling...it was like 3 numbers on the lottery..you think thats handy. Out of this bag I took...1 serp...1not damaged set of greaves...1steel shield...and some essence. I am still out a mm cape..... Is this bag jumping oh yes!!! did it feel good...you betcha!!!! am i going to keep the stuff ??nope. I fully accept that others might find my actions dishourable....if my guild feels it has caused a problem...i accept that they must take action. Have I bag jumped before...no...will i do it again??? doubt it. But....big but, if you take from me....well..all i can say is dont die near me. and the biggest joke is that atilla pmd me and asked for his stuff back....as he was "training". Met a nice newbie on Isla Prima ...who now has a serp sword and steel shield...it maybe some time before they can wield it:) he's also i lier my magic is 38 and didnt mana drain him and he used "ros" , didnt drop any ampount of stuff.. and you cant piss me with bagjumping "atilla" 's bag we are not even in a same guild , i only was near to his dead bag and he saw me there before so pm'ed me for getting his dead bag if you wanna get back your "lose" back train or get a col+bod like rusikus just killed me yesterday and got back some his lose
  8. vampireloren =

    atilla died and said me to safe his bag when i gone there vampire jumped on bag and didnt give back to him atilla was training fluf there
  9. I think too much on PK

    lol ask this to rusikus ) i didnt flee and got him 2 time's in a row (he had bod)
  10. Guilg ~IK~ Alchemy

    3k air ess 4k health ess ty
  11. Invisibility

    is it available to be invisible in fight ? if it is, its great way to flee lol
  12. Invisibility

    it will make game very funny , thx for your good job!! and what magic lvl will be needed for invisibility and true sight spell
  13. Training Packages

    i will buy 1 fight package for 17k if you want deal pm me in game "ejderha"
  14. bagjumper

    yeah i usuallly forget to take it :/
  15. bagjumper

    i was training at orc cave at valley low magic sucks , so died and after cokphay jumped simple story it is take care all and bye