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  1. very old players

    Hey Bro, been some time
  2. Netherlands / Holland

    Zeer onderhoudend!
  3. Scholar's day hasn't been around for ages (i think april was the last time, but i missed out on it), i am waiting for it desperately, since i am working on tailoring levels. And no way i'm going to poof dyes in a school, fabrics, yes, but it would be nice to get extra xp on the dyes.
  4. very old players

    I'll turn 8 in december, old enough? oh and EP, those were sad sad times indeed, i remember just starting and made my first EFE and Crannog told me i could sell it for 7k to him XD
  5. cyclops help please

    I totally agree with EaglePrince. I have been doing the same thing lately and make more on lions than cycs.
  6. What happens again in 120 and 128 years ?

    Those are wonderful images! Thank you
  7. Which was your biggest project ever?

    I'm working on 20k blue dyes now, picking 440k bsf at the moment
  8. EL Contests

    Even once there was a time when players were happy to win a pair of cursed leather pants or a medallion or a shield, instead of expecting a radioactive broad sword with integrated Wlan, GPS and a toaster as a prize ^^ Piper I lol'ed Oooooh do i remember those contests, yes i do. I sucked at them, but it was fun. I remember players doing contests on 6 as well. I know i did a few. When i was rich and rosto's cost 12-13k gc.
  9. Zarariel

    Hi Zarariel , you should log in from time to time. I haven't been playing for years either, but started again 2 months ago, i'm not online as much as i used to be though. It's funny how all these players are popping up again the last few months... 2012 the year of the comebacks? Maybe see you in game?
  10. cool review

    Dude, you must have been so bored! Made me laugh though
  11. Netherlands / Holland

  12. Forgot password

    2012, year of the comebacks? (yay!) Welcome back WarAxe! Hope to see you soon.
  13. Invasions January, the 6th and 7th

    Do not forget people that reset, i have 80/85 a/d, but only oa 76 *grins*. I have been away for quite some time, so do not know if this has been suggested or if it's possible, but wouldn't a cap on combat level make more sense? Anyway i noticed plenty of players having a great time.
  14. Michael Jackson dead.

    My first thought: he finally found peace.
  15. My server is having problems

    Don't forget to hug Shell and the kids when you're done