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  1. Auction: Rapier of the DEATH!

  2. war

    if there is a war , i'm at there ofc!! i'm in if i can be online at the time i'll be there and adsiz is in too!
  3. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    i write for regins, defender team
  4. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    adsiz (a friend of me) and me in defender team pls ^^
  5. =tr=

    hi all,i'm a member of old xXx and new =Tr= guild.i read the topic and replies and you're right about that 2 noobs,but my friend,you can't make a general comment about all the guild and members.these 2 guys aren't in =Tr= now.xXx( =Tr= ) is an old guild and it doesn't deserve these words. Best regards , legolas_o
  6. i banned for nothing!

    thx a lot trust me, i won't do anything bad =)
  7. i banned for nothing!

    i know,i'm sorry for that,but pls look at that i didn't do trade again when i learned that!if wanted to do that i could but i didn't when i heard that pls open my legolas_o ::(:( i'm really sorry for that...
  8. i banned for nothing!

    look,i saw from another1 was asking to sell her char in public so i didn't know that was illegal :/ i started to playing el 3 years ago and deleted my char when i left the game.i started again to playing el about 1-2 months ago and i traded when i started again to el and when i learned it illegal i didn't do that again!u didn't ban me 1-2 months ago and banned now for nothing!!!
  9. i banned for nothing!

    hi all,i'm legolas_o.i've 2 chars and i log on with legolas_o first today,after i've done some alcmhy i log off it and log on with liberty_o the other char of me and asgnny banned me and he said that i traded with both of them :S i didn't do that!i take oath didn't open them both :S i can send you the log pls unlock my chars :( and one more thing,i'm complainant of asgnny!he didn't say anything,only banned me :S i tried to talk to him lots of times but he listened to me once and said me liar!!!i didn't lie,i'm not a scammer,bagjumper or i didn't do anything illegal!!!he banned me for nothing!!!pls unlock my chars...
  10. xXx challenge UTi to war

    ok we agree to cease fire too.
  11. selling rare books

    we are xXx guild and selling all kinds of rare books(fight,manu,pot,craft...)!!our prices are good if u want anything pm me pls!!