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  1. God Theory

    i always feel people always say * theirs such little chance that our life was a accident* do not understand how damn massive space is and the chance that their is a planet somewhere (ie us) or maby a few planets that ended up in our position its not that unlikely at all, its just the numbers involved are too big for a normal human brain to really comprehend, so its hard to believe we are just chance.. the idea of god is most likely from people ages ago just not being able to explain certain phenomenon and then blaming it on some supernatural power cuz they knew no better i feel the way people try to justify their arguments against this is almost like picking a pea out of a bag of i identical peas and going OMFG I FOUND A PEA! what are the chances.. their are probably lots of worlds like ours out thier just verrry far away xD and apparently the odds of thier being life out thier that we just cant reach is pretty high... and probably never reach cuz if were right in saying the speed of light is the fastest you can go, and no matter how scifi you go you cant get any faster, it would take years something like 9 years to get to the nearest star anyway.. probably to find nothing anyway lol. but yeeesss... to sum up that i basically think its not rly that amazing that their happens to be life here
  2. ipod touch/phone

    i like H.A.W.K.s instead of fast COD zombies icopter bebot facebook ebuddy skype google earth jumi mouce or air mouce. jumicam jumigamer idaft sims 3 taptap 3 and a tonne more xD
  3. first game you ever played?

  4. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    ghost from the past telling ou this thread is to old to die hehehe not been here for a while
  5. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    when i was 8 i thort it was funny (iv not been here a long time )
  6. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    Elf: Ereinion Táralóm Hobbit: Samwise Gamwich of the Bree Gamwiches i wanna bree gamwich lol
  7. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    meh a bit like the first guys got almost full tit and a nice weapon but then i lost almost all of it when i thort i had a rosto but i didnt then afew weeks after i lost it all when i got scammed (i thort it was a scam but my frend totaly belived it wasent and bugged me into doing it untill i did it was a char selling scam.. ) then i kinda stoped playing after abit of trying to get the stuf back and only ever whent on the forums
  8. You don't like google ?

    I cant find the propper elgoog can any 1 link it http://www.doogle.org/ < still owns all
  9. Bike Race

    one of my friends did it and said it was fun and eh he was pretty dead after it too xD
  10. Are you an EL oldbie?

    when i was in year 3 or 4 at school and im in year 8 just going into 9 now (england school years i duno if other places do it differantly lol) but my friends were saying (cuz they did to) that that wouldv ben when el was very new? and im sure when i joined it wasent that new lol but then again i dont remember anything from then i have a shite memory :/ to b honest i have no ider but thats when me friends av been saying ;/
  11. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    hmm differant days differant things xD i saw this on a school sience trip to a live braniac thingy and it whent anti clockwise now its going clockwise :/ if i spend a while i can make it go eather lol
  12. logic test

    damn thats hard im number 21325 on the big list lol (like 3 a friend told me them from cheaty sites :/ so i cant say i did em all lol)
  13. Bad Day

    lol nice songs about making you happy riminded me of this one here
  14. Artwork Updates

    shinneeyyy prollly can use it as a mirror
  15. Charlie the Unicorn 2

    They made a new charlie the unicorn Here?! theyve made loads othger things too lol like Spatula Madness
  16. Big Bang and Black Holes

    personally i believe in the big bang, or something like that. I'm not actually sure i think its something to do with science but were are just not advanced enough and don't have the technology yet to properly find out what happened same with black holes lol the whoal ider of being made by a creator.. it just doesn't make seance to me
  17. my friend, quagsires ip has been band

    well the title says it all but he just wanna no why im at his house posting for him because it would save time making a fourm acount he tells me he dosent recall doing anthing bad so he wanna no why he got baned
  18. my friend, quagsires ip has been band

    ahh ok il tell him i dont think he new bout whitelisting ok ty
  19. The Greatest EL Player

    even tho he got overtaken ages ago i think donpedro even tho i didnt no him i cryed when he left lol
  20. my friend, quagsires ip has been band

    Any iders? or was he so naughty it shall not be mentioned lol
  21. Omg, this car sucks, it's red

    wouldent u just h8 to no her x/ she way to spoilt and you can just tell by looking at the dad he's the kinda guy who thinks that being a good farther means having lots of cash and buying her stuf lol
  22. Please put your video card specs in your signature

    all works fine here (dose the size of the siggy rules still could with the text?)
  23. Help me name my cat!

    lmao my next dog will have that name xD hmm i wonder what a beef cake would taste like (dont say beef)
  24. Artwork Updates

    can you have more that 1 pet at a time?
  25. quick edit

    hi when i use the forums quick edit thing the compleet poast button dosent do anything and just sends me to the top of the page, but if i go onto the normal mode it dosent :/ its only done it with the new buttons on quick edit any 1 els got it? *edit* the use full edit button on the bottom of the quick edit box dose the same thing