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  1. Connect Ida and Bethel mines

    Why does the topography need altering to suit individual players? If you use the mines, then you accept that Bethel is often a centre for invasions.
  2. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    Works well and is playable on a Samsung 10.1 Tab 3, Android 4.4.1. FPS 15-60 depending on area
  3. Android client [New version, 29th of November]

    LG G3 Android 6.0. Works well in my limited testing. Frame rates in the mid 30s in and around PL sto. Quite amazing to see it running on a mobile actually, but not sure that it's playable at that screen size. I did attempt to run it on a tablet (Samsung Galaxy 10" Tab 3) but it fails on loading. I think though that this might have an atom processor, so it is the same problem reported earlier about x86 support.
  4. The Fully Random Joker

    So, as I said, you probably know the current locations. How is that challenging to find Joker?
  5. The Fully Random Joker

    Why would you prefer this? The only reason that I can think of is that you know where those spots are. Truly random appearances of Joker levels the field for new and old players alike.
  6. whiterhino

    This sounds like a really good idea ... unless you think the name resonates with people, in which case, nah stay banned. You were a real bug***, but I would like to think that you have grown up and can get on with the community without them knowing who you were previously.
  7. Do you use Kusa silver/iron?

    Well I haven't played EL for a long time now, but I keep dropping in to read the forum. I would hate to think of these resources disappearing ... lovely relaxing places away from the crush of more popular mining spots. TBH I was always surprised that more people didn't use them more.
  8. Guns.

    Why do people always want new stuff? It makes more sense to me to fix the "old" stuff so that it gets more use. There are countless (well not quite, but I mean there are a lot) of items that are just not worth using because they have been superceded by the "new" items that get added periodically.
  9. Hi, does anyone in EL use TrackIR in other games? I think that it would be a amazing addition to the EL client. http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31-8eOk6r1A It is quite expensive to buy as a commercial product, but there is the option of a much cheaper homemade solution using opensource software FTnoIR or OpenTrack (the last one works in Linux/Mac too), and a fast framerate webcam (such as the PS3 eye) http://sourceforge.net/projects/facetracknoir/ https://github.com/opentrack/opentrack http://www.free-track.net/english/
  10. Sure, but a head movement is much more intuitive .... and immersive. Anyhow, I will leave people to their keyboards/mice :-) ...or possibly ..... Oculus Rift anybody? ..... I really am joking this time :-D, but if you haven't heard of it have a look here: http://www.oculusvr.com/
  11. I'm quite surprised that there is no interest in this. I first started thinking about it when I was trying to keep track of white tigers in Irin ..it's a real pain to use cursors to look around trees whilst trying to track the tiger. Other than that type of situation, I think it would be lovely to simply look around.... I think that we often miss a lot of the beauty in this game.
  12. Looks pretty good Orin (Very slow in firefox though compared with chrome)
  13. EL on a tablet?

    Windows 8 RT is ARM based
  14. Homemade bread

    I like sourdough breads: try here for a good introduction http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2010/apr/14/make-your-own-sourdough
  15. cpu load probs with new client

    Core 2 Duo running @ 2.5 GHz GeForce 9600 GSO 2 GB RAM CPU @ 50 % for unlimted FPS (~280) CPU @ < 6 % for FPS = 30 (my normal setting) Running Linux x86_64
  16. Android client

    I'll second that Wizzy. I have just got my first android phone.
  17. Bad day removal stone usage

    Ty Maxine for being so considerate. You will not please everyone, so go for the the first bad day you are going to be online for a significant time. Enjoy
  18. Instance for Mixers

    I think that this is an interesting and refreshing idea about the possibilities of instances. Of course there would be much to be thrashed out about the fine details, but in principle it's a great idea.
  19. Leather

    I like the idea, especially if xp is for manu not crafting. You don't need new items (my suggestion skin + dung). Personally I would use it in exactly the same way I do thread now .... if I want to level then I buy from NPC, if it's just for 'normal' use I stock up by making myself. I like the parity it would bring to manu & crafting. I would also like to get rid of the thousands of skins I have taking up room in my sto. By your arguments Burn, we would never have had thread making implemented & I always see plenty of people making that. EL life is not just about power levelling.
  20. Leather

    It has come up before. and then as now I think it is a good idea. Animal skin + dung (or possibly saltpetre, but this would make it too expensive) = x leather would require no new raw materials. As to the argument that people would end up still buying from the NPC, that's fine but give them the choice (exactly like making or buying thread). Also, let it be manu experience as opposed to crafting.
  21. Packet loss to the moved server

    Definite packet loss here, if not quite so severe. I have to say that I was getting noticeable ping spikes before the change: just assumed it was my ISP.
  22. Compiling Map Editor

    I can compile the client from CVS without any problems, but when I try to compile the map editor: ~/map_editor $ make -f Makefile.linux gcc -DLINUX -DMAP_EDITOR -DEYE_CANDY -DCLUSTER_INSIDES -DNEW_LIGHT_FORMAT -DZLIB -DZLIBW -DGL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0 -I/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/include -I/usr/include/atk-1.0 -I/usr/include/cairo -I/usr/include/pango-1.0 -I/usr/include/glib-2.0 -I/usr/lib/glib-2.0/include -I/usr/include/pixman-1 -I/usr/include/freetype2 -I/usr/include/libpng14 -DGTK2 -I/usr/include/SDL -D_GNU_SOURCE=1 -D_REENTRANT -I/usr/include/libxml2 -g -Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement -c -o elconfig.o ../elc/elconfig.c In file included from ../elc/map.h:10, from ../elc/elconfig.c:84: ../elc/io/map_io.h:85: error: conflicting types for ‘object3d_io’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:20: note: previous declaration of ‘object3d_io’ was here ../elc/io/map_io.h:109: error: conflicting types for ‘obj_2d_io’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:32: note: previous declaration of ‘obj_2d_io’ was here ../elc/io/map_io.h:137: error: conflicting types for ‘light_io’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:61: note: previous declaration of ‘light_io’ was here ../elc/io/map_io.h:154: error: conflicting types for ‘particles_io’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:70: note: previous declaration of ‘particles_io’ was here ../elc/io/map_io.h:237: error: conflicting types for ‘map_header’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:116: note: previous declaration of ‘map_header’ was here In file included from ../elc/map.h:10, from ../elc/elconfig.c:84: ../elc/io/map_io.h:251: error: conflicting types for ‘load_map’ ../elc/../map_editor/map_io.h:125: note: previous declaration of ‘load_map’ was here ../elc/elconfig.c: In function ‘init_vars’: ../elc/elconfig.c:1539: warning: unused variable ‘i’ make: *** [elconfig.o] Error 1 Can anyone suggest what the problem is please?
  23. New Website testing

    that's not too awe-inspiring (Home page) Perhaps you should learn how not to read stuff selectively? With respect, but how is that selective? That is the complete sentence, and re-reading it today means exactly the same thing to me again ie. the quest range is very limited.
  24. New Website testing

    that's not too awe-inspiring (Home page)
  25. Does anyone else feel that the probabilities of getting such items has become so miniscule that it affects how they play the game? Great swords aren't worth making, CoLs etc. are ridiculous in their requirements in the light of the price of ingredients. Why have such key ingredients become so scarce? The cynical view is that it helps shop sales, but I for one do not begrudge Radu reaping the benefits of what has been sown, however I do feel strongly that gameplay is suffering.