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  1. December Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    There's no reason that EL cannot gain that 2nd place if people vote. Vote people! http://www.mpogd.com
  2. December Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 Bootleggers 11243 53.56% 2 Defcon5 974 4.64% 3 The Five Pillars 814 3.88% 4 Star-Fury 570 2.72% 5 Eternal Lands 534 2.54% OK, so I don't suppose it's realistic to catch up with Bootleggers , but it wouldn't take much to go into second place. Vote at http://www.mpogd.com
  3. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 NukeZone 4991 13.84% 2 Eternal Lands 2550 7.07% 3 Neveron 2335 6.47% 4 The Five Pillars 2124 5.89% 5 HoboWars 1923 5.33% Not a bad position to be in on the last day of the month .... well done to everyone who's being voting. Note of caution: second place could easily turn into fourth or even fifth, if the Neveron/Five Pillars/Hobowars sites put in individual coordinated efforts today. http://www.mpogd.com
  4. An idea for more excitment to the game!

    So why should things be nice & cozy & safe? Perhaps if you'd wanted some depth, you might have read up about SK or talked to other characters before attempting a crossing. This idea that you can have monsters on your terms, where & when you want them is the shallow perspective.
  5. Amulets instead of MM perk/cloak?

    Sounds complicated compared with MM cloak/perk, BUT MM needs modifying from it's present implementation.
  6. An idea for more excitment to the game!

    Great idea. In contrast to someone else's observation that it "would add no real depth", I think it makes the game much more realistic & fun.
  7. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 NukeZone 3503 14.77% 2 Neveron 2095 8.83% 3 Eternal Lands 2000 8.43% 4 HoboWars 1535 6.47% 5 The Five Pillars 1370 5.78% Reached 2000 ..... well done everyone :battleaxe_rune: Keep voting. http://www.mpogd.com
  8. Random days

    A great idea to introduce more variation into the game & also the potential to make the Gods more than just figureheads. Letting players know what day it is would be important, & while "#day" would probably be the easiest way to implement it, it is not the most convenient .... could it be incorporated into the client GUI without too much trouble?
  9. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    Big difference opening up & then you lose a bit of an incentive. You may not want first place, but as many votes as possible now early in the month will come in later. 1 Neveron 1096 11.84% 2 Eternal Lands 965 10.43% 3 HoboWars 844 9.12% 4 The Five Pillars 844 9.12% 5 Broken Metal 362 3.91% www.mpogd.com
  10. The Eternal Race

    Me too please.
  11. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 Neveron 670 10.14% 2 HoboWars 668 10.11% 3 Eternal Lands 665 10.07% 4 The Five Pillars 514 7.78% 5 Broken Metal 342 5.18% Just 5 votes behind the top spot .... go on, vote! www.mpogd.com
  12. Is Irillion livable...

    It's why antisocials should be so heavily penalized that I'm talking about: 1k vs 2.5 k is a big difference.
  13. Is Irillion livable...

    I think Irilion's realistic use at the moment is restricted to exploring & fighting, which is fair enough while problems are ironed out. My only gripe is that the cost of transport for an antisocial seems grossly unfair ... 2.5 kgc is still a substantial amount of money to my character. Now I know people will say that "you accepted that when you took the perk", but I disagree ..... I am quite happy to accept the restrictions it places on my character in trading with NPCs, even if it is a pain at times, but transport to Irilion is a different thing. An exception should be made, just like I can still buy sigils or use the storages.
  14. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    1 Neveron 534 10.07% 2 HoboWars 522 9.85% 3 Eternal Lands 484 9.13% 4 The Five Pillars 483 9.11% 5 Broken Metal 327 6.17% Just holding 3rd place ... I'm really impressed. Let's keep the votes coming! http://www.mpogd.com/
  15. Stats showing

    Well for my pennyworth, I think such a facility is open to abuse by higher level players (pk). Personally I see no reason why there is a need to hide your stats: privacy paranoia? With regard to the point that in real life you have no idea of a person's capabilities, then I agree with another poster's comment that it only takes a fairly short period of time to "size someone up." If I saw a thug approaching me in an alleyway at night, then I would probably have good grounds to be nervous . If stats must be hidden, then an indicator of the levels needs to be employed.
  16. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    Just a reminder of the address in case you can't remember it, or be bothered to scroll back to search for it http://www.mpogd.com/ 18th in the list with 238 votes. That's really not that many considering how many people are logged on here at any one time Come on people ... VOTE
  17. xml book error

    One of the books in the WSC library returns an error: could not open: books/monsterofghealansea.xml
  18. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    22nd 181 votes Going up .....
  19. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    Still 27th, but 141 votes (including mine). Keep on clicking.
  20. Has there been an update today?

    Both the server and client have been updated.
  21. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    BUMP Remember to vote peeps.
  22. For the last few days I've been getting alot of program crashes (chucks me straight out to Windows) directly after killing something (it's been a garg every time that I've noticed). Anyone else getting this?
  23. Program crash after killing something

    Yes, clean exit with no error messages. I'm not sure about it occurring on clicking on the bag though, but difficult to say without experimenting.