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  1. Did you have fun on no drop day?

    gratz to ohmygod on a good idea to post this i only got to play about the first 2 hours of it but i had a ball i tried to stay within our normal enemy/ally fighting but sometimes i got outside of it sorry to those people nothing personal. we made the same agreement with pkg about just having fun and no worries about branch or bone it made the day all that much better. unfortunetly there was someone who decided to try and ruin the day by using branch and it cost me a col but all in all i don't even care cols are getting easy to get and it was worth it to have the fun i had while i was on. the added yeti's arctic chims and fluffies in votd made the day even more exciting lol there was no where safe for some of us to go to restock so mostly i just fought to the death. as lorck said some of us didn't go totally geared up for pk i personally didn't wear any enchanted armor and ran around with a cutlass for a weapon i am sure my death list is way ahead of my kills list but on these days i don't really count them i just had fun and that was cool.
  2. stuff for sale

    i am selling a few items listed below trades will be considered pm me ingame as kain or leave a message here com 60k ewe 4k each efe 4k each eme 5k each bp cloaks 2k each make an offer on any of the following animal stuff 9 white tiger fur 304 rat tails 163 puma fur 26 white rabbit fur 471 brown rabbit fur 38 black panther fur 349 polar bear fur 62 wolf fur 42 feran horns 7 snow leopard fur 8 tiger fur 5 brown 3 red 19 green snake skins edited sold items were removed
  3. steel helm of mana

  4. Thermal Serps 200K

    in my year of play i have busted 2 or 3 thermals and dropped 1. i currently have 2 in storage. my first bod lasted a long time but it did finally break i bought another one and it broke the next day so i never bought another one. i am kinda in the middle of all this while i agree 200k is a bit low i also think 500k is a bit high. as far as what is the best weapon in the game i don't really know if any one weapon is the best. each weapon has stats that work well for one person but not so well for others. like me (i reset and have low coord) the cutlass isn't the best weapon in the game but it works the best for me right now. but you have to figure in the fact that thermals have been around for awhile and people like new things so while certain items might be better than others some people will use items that they like or that help their current stats. i have heard alot of people say thermals have died and saw the price drop accordingly while i do agree thermals have been diminished in stature i think they will survive and probably increase slightly in cost after the "new items" rage wears off.
  5. Taking a vacation

    OH NOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT LEARNER !!!! can i come with you j/k have fun and don;t forget to send us all postcards
  6. Announcing the birth...

  7. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    it was not an attemted flame it was merely a request. the remark made about me using emps was in no way needed to prove your point and was only put there to make a negative remark about me. when you are invisible and you click attack or cast an offensive spell you become visible but you also attack/cast at the same time. now if i was to go invisible and wait for a pvper to get low on hp and attack them with thermal serp i could do 40+ damage and kill them in one hit. if i went invisible and stood there and waited for a pvper to get low on hp and cast harm on them when they got below 40 hp i would become visible just when i cast it and kill them in one spell casting. so whats the difference? end result is still a dead pvper.
  8. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    i have periods commas in the right places i believe and my i's are dotted and my t's crossed but i would be more than happy to have one of you send me a copy of my post correctly punctuated
  9. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    First of all i think it is cool that ent is attempting to make changes to help the game and i think we all should give them time and see how they turn out. Everyone hated cooldown including me but we all worked around it. One of the things i keep seeing is the complaint that people can become invisible and wait for pvpers to get low hp and harm to kill them. Well first of all how long do you think invisible spell lasts. Second of all everyone with high enough magic to kill a pvper at 40+ health with harm most likely has enough a/d to do the same with a high level weapon. For as long as i can remember people have said there is no point in raising your magic over 49 to cast restore and i have heard over and over how it would be nice if magic reflected levels instead of set amount of damage/gain. Now ent finally does it and then everyone complains. This is the way i look at it you can kill someone during pvp with new harm damage or with strong weapon either way same outcome. As far as pking goes almost everyone uses magic immunity during pking so the new harm damage makes no difference there and if you don't use it or it runs out you are gonna be mana drained and harmed anyway. As far as potions/vials goes what have you accoplished complaining to ent we still lose vials from sr and now we lose the mana/health benefit from mp/hp and the prices are still higher. And one more thing lorck you have no idea what i use or don't use when i fight so i would appreciate it if you would keep your comments about me and what i do to yourself. All you are doin is assuming and you know what they say about assuming. This topic is to ask what we thought of new changes not for you to come and make remarks about other players. do i graduate now
  10. I think too much on PK

    i wonder if instead of taking ros out of the game can you make them more items specific such as if you have a ros on you you won't drop your enchanted sword or col but other items such as armor ess pots rings things like that have the same chance to be dropped as if you didn't have ros that way we could still use our good weapons and col yet when you do manage to kill someone they will drop something somewhat useful and i also agree i like the idea of exp points gain for winning a fight based on a/d difference should work also if your opponent uses dis and tele to get away from you. i have no idea if this is at all possible just thought i would throw it out there
  11. Dealing with Symantec

    ok i just got off the phone with symantec for the 4th time tryin to get this problem fixed. this fourth time they tried to tell me they were gonna charge me to fix the problem as some of you know i tend to blow up fairly easy and this was no exception i started off polite and all but that didn't last long i won't repeat what i said as it was not in the least bit nice but to make a long story short i am in the market for a new antivirus and i informed symantec what i thought of their service and software i am gonna check out this avg
  12. =EF= declares war on FUBR

    woooot come on then
  13. Possible PK Bug

    ok darkleagacy had pk contest in kf i came and brought bone of death and attacked dushan and hit the 150 damage dushan died lost col plate and some ess and his ros. i am at a loss as to why this keeps happening. this was supposed to be just a contest dushan is my friend and lost his col.
  14. Possible PK Bug

    well if nothing else ever comes of this at least now i know who besi is
  15. Possible PK Bug

    the first time i know of it happening was sunday i was fighting matteyu and two other people i pulled out bone of death and killed matteyu i never saw a bag drop but i didn't really look for one cause he had col on so i figured he had ros then he pm'd me if he dropped a bag i told him not that i saw. lord_vermor came and asked about it and said matteyu had lost items along with his ros stone and no break messages we talked about it and he suggested we post here so we did and i logged shortly after that. monday i was fighting besiktas scarr logiscom i pulled out the bone and killed besitkas he did drop a bag which i thought was weird since he had thermal serp and col on logiscom grabbed his bag and left then scarr left a few minuesd later scarr pm'd me saying he dropped his thermal in the bag and they had returned it but his col and his plate set were both gone and not in the bag. i post on here and then pm'd learner and aislinn aislinn answered me so i explained everything to her and we decided i better put the bone away till this was looked into. i have godless powerhungry and antisocial perks.