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  1. Buying Silver, Diamonds and other harvestables

    Are you the guy who played with attackingod? or something like that
  2. Scammed Asclepius char issue.

    Nice story man
  3. very old players

    I started play EL in 2004 or 2005 i was on guild Luso, good times, had several chars in all those years, quit and back couple times, today, im just a 70s noob called eBola
  4. Storage Sale

    ow im so scared hahahahaha pathetic
  5. Sign up for WTF!?!? instance US evening time

    Im interested in WTF instas 143/148 a/d ER perk AP 60 mule lvl 11 MotorHead ingame
  6. lom!

    Great guild Hardcore pkers, Lom! have my respect
  7. Auctioning Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice

    Well, hes a human being, and human beings are bad.
  8. Server Crash

    Damn it, was on instance
  9. God Please Save PK - Fighters

    remove everything who got implemeted from 5 years till now, it could work for pk
  10. Selling sto

  11. Sign up for "almost PRO" instances

    Im looking for players interested in do some intances, rangers and fighters are welcome Tukkajumala in game My stats are open if you wanna check
  12. real CA$H

    old friends
  13. wedding

    lol thats nostalgic My first char exvitermini, so many old friends on that picture, and i remember that day Post more picture if you have antio
  14. Appreciation

    I play EL since 2005, i quit and back a few times, never played any other mmorpg in my life, and i dont want to, i like EL, its a good game, with a great comunity, even when u have to live with DuBro around u can still have fun
  15. Sto sale

    Hi, c1 rings and dis rings 90 each 3 Rostos 45 each Tukkajumala in game
  16. Godless removal

  17. Damaged Dragon Stuff

    Im buying damaged dragon stuff and all pre owned serps if im not online my bot will always be Tukkajumala ign assurbanipal bot Thx!
  18. Boted, reason?

    Hi i got boted in 100-120 invance, why and for how long? I was there watchin i was not participating, if im not alowed to do that, a simple: pls leave if you will not participate was ok, no reason to bot me Tukkajumala in game Thx
  19. Boted, reason?

    I will finish my job and will provide the payment Thx
  20. Boted, reason?

    ok i just need sell some HEs i have in storage and pay u cause i dont have 20k atm i think Thx
  21. Boted, reason?

    That was second time and i didnt finished in the first time
  22. Boted, reason?

    I play el since 2005, i quit and back a few times and i never disrespected any rule, and im being honest i didnt know i wasnt alowed to do that, im not stupid i mean, why should i do that if i knew, to get banned? I like to play el i dont want to get banned, anyway, if i break the rule and got to be punished for that, what can i do thx
  23. Boted, reason?

    Im sry but i didnt know i couldnt do that (go inst just to watch) And i was not getting xp i wasnt fighting, was just watching Can that ban be not that much pls Thx