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  1. Great job on the list man!
  2. Religion

    A jewish Christian is a person of jewish heritage (either by nationality or by religious belief) who believes The messiah has come in the person of Jesus. http://www.jewsforjesus.org/ Having no knowledge of good and evil does not negate free will. You can have free will to choose the options of which you are aware without knowing all of them. After all in any given situation I seriously doubt I know all the options available to me, yet still I make my choices. So God gave one rule.. don't eat from this tree. They choose to do so. Doesnt matter if they "knew good and evil". They were free to choose their own path. The way I understand it, is that since all human life started with Adam and Eve every person from them forward should KNOW that there is God since they walked with him. It was their job then to pass the info on, and they did.. but just like a game of telephone, over the years the message got deluted and even discarded all together. The following scripture sheds a little light on why they do not know him, and why it's not God's fault but mans. Romans 1:20-21 "20For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened." I would disagree. The bible seems to contradict itself in some places, but those who have dedicated their lives to stutying those seemingly "contradictions" have been able to make a lot of sence from them. However, I am no expert on the matter, so I wont be spouting examples. - Just my thoughts, full of imperfections no doubt. But thanks for humoring me anyway
  3. Religion

    pretty easy in this day and age, you dont even need a library card. go into any internet search engine and type '' comparison between jesus and buddha/mithra/krishna''. although this informaion is available from numerous sources and actually i'd say its better to read it from a book because i fear the age of books is dying and thats awful. also off topic. hey presto the research of thousands of years of historical studies at your fingertips You have to be careful believing everything you read on the internet. Talk about your un-qualified sources! You could happen upon the site of some Crazy person on a soap box.. you just never know. The above is not to say that there is not a lot of great info out there.. you just have to be sure to back it up with reliable sources.
  4. Religion

    Thanks for keeping it simple Morabelon. And a good point you make.. if you want to know if God is real or not, investigating Jesus seems like the logical place to start to me too. After all, he is quoted as saying "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6
  5. Religion

    Come on man, that's a crazy statement. Tehologians spend their entire life studying God. The bible tells believers that they are to "pray without ceasing". Do you really think someone who does not believe in God spends more time thinking about him than someone who is purposely devoting his entire being to him? I actually believe that because Jesus died for me, he wants me to live for him. Caring for people and loving on them as he did. This requires A LOT of prayer and thoughtfulness about the character of God. So, to me the above statement just seems WAY off base. I would like to thank Anthropologist for so masterfully describing my situation. While I wont say he is 100% correct, I don't think I could convey it any more clearly either. Thanks Bro, you truely are one of a kind!
  6. Religion

    That is very not true: "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast." Eph 2:8-9 I realize many of you may not believe what the bible says, but Christians sure do so the above statement is clearly false. I have yet to meet a man who believes in God who would be willing to malign His word. That's just a rediculous statement. PS - What happened to people sharing their views and concerns openly?? This thread has become a forum to attack each others viewpoints. Let's stop the flaming of each others opinions please.. I can respect your point of view (heck, I was not a believer for the first 20+ years of my life), maybe you could also respect mine?
  7. Religion

    without faith.. yes
  8. Religion

    Sadly, this is where many people begin to loose their faith in God.. The universities try to push science as the ultimate authority. But remember, many of the "truths" science claims are built on theory. Science has been wrong many times after teaching a "truth" for many decades or even centuries.
  9. Religion

    Well, I dont think I could more accurately describe my position or my beliefs than I already have. I also dont think that even if I did anyone would be open to it. So, I bid this thread fare well.. enjoy everyone.
  10. Religion

    Yet all these books of the new testament written by many different people over a span of many years in distant places from each other all corroborate each other. Seems like quite an elaborate hoax considering that the books were not compiled together till a few hundred years later. How would they have know each others stories in order to ensure unitity between them? There just seem to be too many players in too barbaric a time to manage such a hoax.
  11. Religion

    And what do you do with the eyewitness accounts? Do you consider them, write them off, what?
  12. Religion

    I also believe the bible is God's inspired word. Men wrote it under the guidance of the holy spirit. Men also translated it under that same guidance. Still it's helpful when researching any given matter to use several diferent versions of the bible as cross references to each other. I myself also use the greek and hebrew versions to cross refernce the words used there along with the many translations of those words including the translations of the words as they apply in different passages. Not that I know how to read greek or hebrew, but if you do this enough you can manage to be fairly proficient at looking up the meanings and cross referencing them. Still Jesus himself was quoted as saying there will be many false profits in the days to come. These people would certainly try to defile God's word. And wether you believe the bible we have today is divinely inspired or marred is up to you. In my experience studying and cross referencing it, I have found it to be complete, true, and accurate in every case. Sometimes it took A LOT of digging to get there tho. The thing I find most interesting is that the bible (especially the new testament) was written about and by eye witnesses to the events written about. In such an barbaric age, do you really think that a conspiracy of this magnitude could have been hatched and still be thriving 2000+ years later? I personally find it hard to discount the words of the 4 authors of the Gospel; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They were apostles who lived with Jesus and eventually wrote an account of it. Luke also wrote Acts - the account of the first Christian church's birth and toddler years (if you will). Then there is Paul.. a person who persecuted and killed christians. Jesus met him and Paul's life did a 180. He became the most prolific contributor of the new testament. Why or How would all these seperate people write about something and comit to it even to the point of death? They must have really believed. For some seeing is believing, for others faith in the messenger is enough. You know, when I stop to think about it I cant think of any other contraversy that has lasted nearly as long with people so passionate on either side about it. I wonder why that is...
  13. Religion

    Conavar, Making our own gods is not the real answer IF there is a singular God who wrote the bible. He speaks very strongly against such actions and beliefs. He also states his case very strongly about eternity and where our choices will lead. I know you said that religion was invented to get us to fear death (or however you put it) but IF the Christian god is God, then there is fear to be had about the subject if you have not accepted the forgiveness Jesus freely offers. Bahh ^^ I so didnt want to go there.. forgive my forwardness, I just have a hard time letting people believe things I believe to be false which will lead to destruction. It's only because I care that I even bothered.
  14. Religion

    Amen, Amen, Amen.. on point #2.
  15. Religion

    Well, I believe that the truth of the matter is as dragburn was saying. It takes a certain amount of Faith to believe whatever you believe about who we are and where we come from. Neither Science nor any religion can provide ABSOLUTE proof. So, I guess the question is weather you put your faith in Man and his ability to reason and such, or a higher being. As science is really only a by product of centuries of reasoning being built upon by each generation. You may also want to note that many of the well known first centruy scientiets were only using science to try and prove things in the bible. Some time ago that practice changed PS - I define faith as putting your belief in something un proven to you.