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  1. vampireLOREN

    Hello, having returned to play after a couple of years. I reset my char and have played for most of this week. This morning I get the ip ban message, could you please explain what I have done wrong .....please.
  2. vampireLOREN

    Sorry to get you up so early.......do appreciate your help....many thanx da vamp (x)
  3. to pkg and all my other el friends

    sending to you all the Karma....I can muster. take care.....
  4. boo

    so we should reply in a week????
  5. Tinysniper

  6. branch of distruction

    The real point of this item is missed and in such I would also hazard to state much of the game is missed too. We come to EL to play a fantasy role playing game with interaction with like minded folk, it also has some reality built into it i/e there is day and night...we need to eat,work train and gain knowledge. If like Scarr, you have never spent one brass coin(real money£ $) in the game store....then all your items storage p2p etc must come from ingame...and as such can be replaced. If you have saved up to buy something yes I imagine your feelings at seeing it smashed, just as I imagine it must hurt to have bought something and lost it to a "tuffer" opponant. I can see the point in requesting the owner of this game to withdraw this branch, but I would not support such a request.... I have to say also that I think those that have bought it just to smash others stuff for pleasure is pretty low just as i think those who attack weaker players who are training just as petty. If I thought buying a branch would deter such players or would make them leave me alone.....I might buy one too. In the time I have played this game has become harder and i imagine it will continue to do so Adaptability is the word..... if you worry of losing your better items..wear leathers crapola swords etc. PK as it was....has altered, change with it. There are some out there...who play 8 or 10...or more hours a day, if you say sleep for 8 hours....wash eat go to the toilet, shop etc .....say 1 hour a day that means the rest of their life is spent playing this game!! and as such has now become their reality. I can imagine their chagrin at this item ....this branch. I hope you grow to disregard it.....and accept it,treat it as just another obstacle.
  7. rip and the contest channel

    perhaps Rip is short for Rip Off?
  8. Odin

    ps you think thats bad......i got Forum Pm'd about this branch.....too weird Topic.Gentlemen .......Topic.........I thank You
  9. Farlon of UNIT

    Yep...tuff @ the top..... but, from what you write...sounds like he took his chance and if was to save his buddies stuff..... methinks you would have done the same.
  10. Atoth mistakenly calling me a scammer (see chat log)

    Yes Pye...but it is kinda rubbing the guys nose in it...... he said he made a mistake.....and he couldnt immediately post a message on channel 3 I feel sorry for him.
  11. Legends Guild is no longer

    Shame...........I would ask you to reconsider.
  12. A wonna be what? I'm happy being myself thanks.. Lol ain't that the truth
  13. =HC= high class LIARS

    don't want to quote rules..............but steady on old man back to topic please
  14. apple_pie

    Having read the log....and guessing Scarr know's it was the Moo......figure it was a joke!! and also think it was posted as a joke too!!!! Methinks....this is all tongue in cheek. you all have a truly wonderful day now!!!!
  15. =HC= high class LIARS

    a very good point actually..but, I would hazard a guess......he would reply" I am the best".
  16. you are a very funny guy!!!! scammy....bad....and evil...but very FUNNY
  17. =HC= high class LIARS

    perhaps you would rewrite this and send it to me via pm.....I do not understand what you want????? mind you ...I rarely do understand you. Anyway.... i await your pm with bated breath. Thank you old man.
  18. =HC= high class LIARS

    You seem to care when you reply to everything Lorck posts Who Cares???? Nice that you asked. The forum rules: allow me to retort.....my good man, i was speaking to Ville da V.... not you. my last reply to you was pointed at the topic...... Please refrain from pointless messages. thank you old chap.
  19. =HC= high class LIARS

    You seem to care when you reply to everything Lorck posts Who Cares????
  20. =HC= high class LIARS

    Lmao Lorck, your amazing. This thread is not about you, stop complaining in every thread, noone cares who attacks you LoL, i kill that guild. I killed them like 100 times and got killed once by fireballs when i was noob and resetted. I was refering to the hypocrite behavior showed by them. They are like fluffies, better to get attacked than to hunt them around. who cares..........????
  21. =HC= high class LIARS

    Gee thanx for your kind words.....I do try, and appreciate your encouragement
  22. =HC= high class LIARS

    Ok i wasnt going to post but here goes Lorck you said to me that you train 15 hours a day on EL is this realy true ?,most of us have a family,friends,go to "WORK",school,you know we have got a :LIFE,any way if you off school for the holidays go out swimming sport just hang with your mates or if your unemployed which i agree is a awful situation spend time looking for a job, local new papers have job sections or the recruitment office,i mean come on man get a life im taking my daughter swimming tommorow and sat were going to the zoo so i wont be training ill be living so please dont bring my name up in all your posts because i may be to busy to react you know living on the planet not on a game Oh, you got a life, but also got a time to troll forums. You really have a need to troll every topic i post. You will use better your time training your char (your current sucks, badly), or finding better forms of gathering attention, or whatever. And matess, at least you are not trolling the ^v^ forums, at least you are progressing, same for vamp. But you can post oppinions right? I re-read the rules and dont saw anything about it. Anyway, is pathetic that some people try to turn a topic in a flamewar just because i posted an oppinion who dont have anything to do with them. And it happens in almost every topic i posted an oppinion. EDIT: Lame when people dont even care about topic, or what i said, or whatever. Just trolling because an enemy posted an oppinion who they dont even care to read. I would say...that this young lady is only posting....cos' you mentioned her name. Do you not bring all this derision and ridicule on yourself?????? due to your constant need to post ??? or you could get a life yourself
  23. Scarr

    ps liked the wedding invitation......that was funny, dare you to post it here!!!!!! well????
  24. Boy's BOY'S.............did You ever think He had left
  25. branch of distruction

    does it not bring a touch of reality to game play?