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  1. Issac Walton strikes again

    Is 1 enough? He was us to be able to do fishing like harvesting.
  2. Invasion December, the 28th

    I hated it! Ran into Kitchen and saw Leopards, Snow Leopards. More Leopards. More Snow Leopards. Even MORE Leopards. Even MORE Snow Leopards. And died before I could turn around... So my help in killing stuff lasted a few seconds. Since I have no rostogol (damn you silver deposit in MM) at the moment I went in with avg gear and my birthday present (Red Dragon Helm). Had to wait an annoying 5 minutes for people to clear out the room (thanks to Bemused, Madalinux (and some of his friends whos name I did not remember). Lucky for me the 1st bag I touched had my cool looking RDH in it *O* Seems I did loose some gear that broke down. But I can live with that And there was a lot of meat in that Kitchen :D (I lied about hating it but I got your attention I bet Keep'm comming those invasions! )
  3. Let's talk invasions

    Yes, I like it. Though I still need to find a rosto to be allowed by my guild to join 1 hour is a good timeframe. It does not lock the map too long for people needing to do their thing on the map (haidir or harving etc). But it also seems to be a nice length for a battle: you can adjust your inventory on it (1 hours worth of HE's/LE's/etc and if you run out midway next time you can adjust the amount a bit). I have been thinking about point 4 ('Not enough people ') in your initial post: You might get more people to join if you also refer to the next event in the current announcement. Something like "Tomorrow same time will be (a+d/2)<110". Or, if possible, a line with all the next events for every grouping ("next monday ((a+d)/2)<80 next wednesday ((a+d)/2)<110)"). That way people can plan ahead (time wise) for the event.
  4. Invasion December, the 18th

    It was the 1st one I decided to fully commit to. I was in 1 or 2 other invasions but those where newbie ones and even there I tried to stay away from groups of enemies. At some point I was in 1 of the MM forts with a full screen of trolls, orcs and ferans (iirc) around me. Lagging like hell but I managed to get through it. Made tons and tons of XP there. When the numbers went down I started to run around MM and eventually ran into a Lion and some Orcs. For some reason I died (my kill list did not list Lion as something that killed me so I am unsure what exactly happend there so I lost my only rosto). After I got back to PL STO I realized somewhere along the fighting I broke my titanium chain mail, my auggies and boots (that probably got me defence-less) so now I am without armor and without rosto. Needless to say I had lots of fun and have only 1 question: when can we do this again?