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  1. Selling NMT+more.

    For sale. 2 NMT No more tears cape. Warlock cape Body piercing cape Power saving cape 5 titanium cussies 6 steel greaves 1 red dragon helmet 123883 Magic essences 2 book iron sword of fire 1 book of special swords
  2. Sale of cool items.

    SELLING. 2 NMT's 1 warlock cape 1 mirror cape 1 Bp cape 2 Ps cape 1556 Gypsum in sto. 1 Orc slayer 1 Jagged sabre 11 tit longs 1 steel plate 8 steel greaves 5 tit cuisses 1 Red dragon helmet 2 titanium plates 123883 magic essence 1 EFE 3136 SRS 183 tru sight 127 coord pot 100 acc pots 100 invisiblity potion 178 potion of evasion 35 pot defence 837 white tiger furs book of ISOF
  3. Auction:Santa Hat.

    start: 50k. Incrimints: 5k. buy now: 125k. Auction end: 1 week from now. terms: i do what i want. become a santa claus, buy my hat!
  4. Auction:Santa Hat.

    eh, sold very fast ingame for buyout price... close plz
  5. auction: dragonblade and bronze swords

    50 start for the d blade.
  6. selly itemS.

    SELLING NMT x 4 Thermal S2e Warlock cape Steel set Tit set Will rem 9 124k MAGess OS 3|Cutlass 1 JS 3 White T fur 837 EWE's 2 Dragon helmot. 1556 gypsum@sto 600 diamond ( )-/-<
  7. USA 2008 Elections

    no one, and oh
  8. haya, im selling a book of special swords , my ingame name is Euric any noob offers will be a bump for my topic kthx
  9. Selling NMT

    ill take it
  10. buying/selling

    ill take some srs see me ingame Edit: wow i cant read, ur buying not selling ;o sry
  11. selling 6 will stones

    8 will stones for sale Euric ingame lock cape art cape also sale --SOLD--
  12. selling 6 will stones

    sold the arti cape, and i have 8 will stones now come and see me
  13. buying/selling

    i want that plate edit:nvm bought 1 already
  14. Esoteric Agenda

    here is something you might be interested in its about the world. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1131942400352901009
  15. Buying health essence, alot

    buying alot of health essence, and srs, pm Euric ingame
  16. Hi im selling 4 will removal stones. and 1 phys stone
  17. Selling lots of stuff

    leave a meaningful post, noob stuff will be ignored Hello, selling the following Tit sets Steel sets 2 steel greaves of ubber defence 1 Red dragon helmet 4 Iron cuisses 3 will removal stones 1 phys removal stone 3 rosto's 16 serp stones 3 binding stones 40 enriched magic essence 30 eme's 118883 magic essence 2 EWE 20000 iron ore 3628 SRS 8128 SRS 7701 Bones 2701 Bones 1000 Steel bars 1556 Gypsum @sto black tricorn hat exc cape ps cape warlock cape NMT cape Artificer cape book of serpent sword of thermal 1 titanium serpent sword 3 orc slayers 1 jagged saber ingame name Euric
  18. Selling lots of stuff

    uh no thank you. still selling lots of stuff EDIT: added another will rem stone and rosto
  19. Selling lots of stuff

    Sold some stuff and added Artificer cape, red dragon helmet, steel bars, gypsum, and iron cuisses. Valcaz and Misery_machine catch me ingame. Edit: and thx darkdrizzt for trade.
  20. selling will removals

    HI, selling 3 will removal stones, mean seriuoos buissness, serious offers. noob wil be ignored. EDIT: Added another will stone, i have now 3
  21. selling will removals

    1 rem sold already 65k ;/ 2 left
  22. Auctioning 1 book of serpant sword of thermal. increments of 1k Starting bid: 5k Current bid: 15k I have reserve price in mind, might not sell. Post here or pm me. Ingame name euric.
  23. Sale

    For sale 1 Rosto --SOLD 3 orc slayers 1 jagged saber 5 titanium cuisses 3 titanium shields 3 titanium plate 1 titanium greave 8 crown of life 7 steel greaves 1 steel plate 2 steel cuisses 5700 SRS 893 leather 834 white tiger fur 1 cape of the unbreakable 2 excavator cape 1 power save cape 7803 Air essence --SOLD 2418 coal 238 potions of true sight 1 enriched water essence 20.5k iron ore --SOLD 1k silver ore --SOLD
  24. Sale

    ok yours, also sold some items and added more, selling everyday, pm me
  25. selling :)

    ill buy steel plate