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  1. Selling 5 EWE's

    I'll buy all 5 for 10k gc
  2. Mage class formulas

    The more I think about this new magic system the more i like it. Seriously, magic lvl should be little more than ability to cast magic. Rationality should define the power of those spells in my opinion. Given there should be some spells that require higher lvls to accomodate those with huge lvls but low power, and also those that have both.
  3. Mage class formulas

    I can't see anyone really complaining with that . It gives you your base health like it would have at any time before all the +health items, and if you want more, pump points into rationality. People that want to pump points for magic, will have an advantage, but those that don't, still have the base "full restore".
  4. Harvest Service in just 1day!

    You claim the max is 6k for flowers, yet everyone's ordering 10k? I'll take 10k sunflowers if you'll allow it, else gimme the max, 6k
  5. petition for attributes cap

    Good work Molime in putting this up, I'm slow so just now caught wind of it. My vote is obvious :>
  6. New Perk Idea

    It's a horrible idea. Seriously, a/d is already the easiest skill to level, all it takes is time. In case you didn't catch mp's sarcasm, he wasn't supporting your idea either, he was stating the fact that it sounds like you're just trying to make things easier for the sake of getting more xp. Even vs a non player, like someone said, if you were to say, have 100 instinct on your character, you'd do next to no damage, but almost constantly dodge. You could easily get excess of 500k/hr or (probably much) more off a method like that. Perks are in game to create a comprimise imo. Even at 10 pp, this wouldn't have much of a negative side to it, as your oa would skyrocket as a result as well.
  7. Selling some stuff CHEAP check it out

    You know I'm good for the le's, I'll pm you next time I'm on :>
  8. Democracy in EL

    The final word is always yours mate, that's just the law of the land that you created. I've seen many games, and this is one of the few that the communities imput is so well heard. Not suprising, it also has one of the most competent of gaming communities. That's probably why I keep coming back, no matter how many "breaks" I take. That being said, if this were a democracy, I'd agree with your comment in the cap poll, that 70% is fair for the implementation of a major system into the game. No matter how much I want to push for the change, something of this magnitude should be accepted by a good majority of the players. But if you consider this an Oligarchy, the vast majority of experienced players, or even moderators, were definitely on the side supporting the cap. Edit: And to actually answer the question, yeah, 70% I agree is a majority. 50 or 60 would be to close to a margin of error, some players not being online for a few days, or having one vote, then changing their view after the fact, ect.
  9. Attributes cap for the main server

    I am kinda sick of all the replies with "there should be no end to the game". This cap isn't creating an end to the game, there still is no cap to the levels you can gain. You just won't be able to gain over 960 emu without help from some item or system yet to be implemented. That's hardly ending the game for you. Either way, if ent wants a 70% majority to make the change, I guess I'm done debating it. Hrm, what should I do with my next few oa's, right, coord it is. Peace.
  10. Attributes cap for the main server

    You're absolutely right... you only need 288 pick points to get every attribute, not counting any nexuses, or perks. Ent, what kind of bar are you setting for us, I'll have this thing "beat" in no time.
  11. Attributes cap for the main server

    The problem is, people are either so one track minded, that they can't see you can make yourself dodge better, and hit more often, without coord. If you don't know what a cross-attribute is, look in the damn encyclopedia in game already D: The other people seem to be complaining about the 960 emu. Seriously, 960 emu isn't enough? Yeah you won't be able to carry AS much as before, but does it really effect you that much, to deny a change that'll help promote diversity in stats. You don't need over 48 coord to train, the instinct and reasoning give you the same dodge and accuracy ability, and also allow you to do less damage. Hey, isn't that BETTER for training? As has been stated many times, right now, everyone chooses 2 more coord every chance they get, and with good reason. With a cap (And yes, 48 is fine for a cap if you honestly think about it) you'll have to decide what's more important to you. If you're a pk'er, do you want accuracy, evasion, health/mana, or mana/toughness. If you're a mixer, after you get 48 p/c/w, you realize what oa lvl you are? even then, reasoning still helps you out. It'll be sad if such a great thing for this game get's denied, I'm honestly hoping this goes through.
  12. Attributes cap for the main server

    I can't see a single downfall to this idea. - People will have to think about what they want with their char, instead of "zomg 2 pp, coord pl0x" - It puts an emphisis on the a/d level rather than the attributes for fighting, which is how it should be. - People won't be so inclined to simply buy their strength. - 960 emu is more than enough. I love how every time a change occurs that effects the fighters, the non fighters usually have a laugh at them, now you see some harvesters coming out and saying "what, you mean i can't carry 800 coal in 1 trip... no fair!" - No man should be able to solo a dragon imo. There should always be something in a game over your head, that you may need a couple buddies to help ya out with. This will promote the grouping. - Entropy does the coding, so no work for me. There's probably more, but you probably figured it out by now, I voted yes
  13. Aluwen vs. mortos

    Irillion is still kinda new to the game isn't it? Anyway, I'd probably choose def god, were I not a summoner, but Selain and Mortos are good buds, so I didn't have that choice D: Who knows, may go godless once I hit yeti's like mp suggests, doubt it though.
  14. Human Removal Stone

    Piter gets the stone.
  15. Human Removal Stone