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  1. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    i like the cooldown. just the times need tweeking i think makes the game more challenging.
  2. Random Day Screenshots

    brillient pics

    that can be classified as luring a newb into a pk map which is actually against game rules. i would take this further because chaos knight can get banned from the game for doing that.
  4. Bep

    this doesnt seem right. bep has saved death bags for our guild in the past. he isnt a bag jumper to my knowledge. did you take a screnshot??? if not then next time take a screenshot as proof.
  5. Equip level requirment

    i totally agree with this idea. It is very realistic because you need "practice" to get better at using weapons in real life so why not have level requirements for weapons in game that way you could also see if someones wearing a serp then stay away from then coz chance are they are at a certain level to wear it. this sugegstion has been talked about lots in pk maps and when epople are training im glad scarr put it on the forums
  6. yaserhameed

    this post is stupid it needs to be deleted. 1) you are in a pk map mate. 2) you died nothing wrong with what yaser did at all. if everyone who got killed was to post in outlaws we would spend more time on forums then ingame :/ Banshens adivice to you: when you die in pk map... take a few deep breaths... and"cooldown" before you post in outlaws hehehe sorry bad joke
  7. World Cup 2006

    eeeeek! we in the same group as brazil thats not good!
  8. little_fluffy is a liar

    no it makes you a scammer just like him. two wrongs dont make a right....
  9. World Cup 2006

    well guys and gals the draw for the world cup will be finalised by this weekend saturday morning australia time i think friday night germany time and it will be very intersting to see who is in which group! i dunno about you guys but i cant wait im excited!
  10. Items cooldown

    ive thought about this long and hard and i have come to the follow conclusion..... everyone just dont say anymore until the test period! if it sucks then you can post saying you have found it to suck. if its kept then you have 2 choices to make. one is to keep playing and deal with it and the other is to quit and find another game or take up soccer in real life sounds simple to me
  11. The latest invasion

    i think it was awsome. only one criticism however.... in WS there were easy monsters then suddenly an arctic chimmy :/ not relaly fair on the lower levels. maybe section off each map according to player abilities would make it more fun
  12. nope just eternal lands
  13. lightning sword. if the hit is successful and you are being gang banged then all players who are attacking you get the damage.
  14. Items cooldown

    why are you commenting on something you have no idea about? you arnt a pker you dont know what pkers want..... lets wait for the month trial and then judge. might be good might be bad we wont know until we test
  15. Items cooldown

    well thing sis picture this.... you are fighting an opponent which is your level. then comes another enemy and you dis from your opponent but the high level enemy gets to you before you can teleport... then you cant use another dis for 15 seconds... also what people do is group fight so dis rings are used ALOT in this situation. you dis and you attack someone else and so on. waiting 15 seconds before you can use another dis will eliminate most players from pk maps since they cn realisticaly only dis one person before they get attacked again so really only need 1 dis ring when you get into a pk map?? wy would you need more than 1 and in that case what will this do to the market? just some thoughts.