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  1. 1 unfair ban

    hey did you gave me a 1 month ban? if yes, the month is over i think. sow if the month is over for you to, could you unlock me and my dad (borke) please? kind regards Yarno
  2. 1 unfair ban

    only borke is for me unfairly banned, the others are fairly banned. it's only me who did something wrong on his accounts, my dad himself didn't do anything wrong. thats what i wanted to explain the whole time, i really feel bad that my dad got punished for what i did. sow could you please give him another change and unlock him? he really enjoyed playing EL and was addicted to it, this ban was really a 'punch in the face' for him. and i will never go on his account again, i promise! kind regards Yarno
  3. 1 unfair ban

    i don't know anything about borke being "familiar" with downloadman, i only know that it might be me who did it, cus sometimes when my dad isn't online i harvest with him too and might have been "familiar" with downloadman. and i am sure my brother doesn't play anymore, it's only me who plays on it. for me borke is still unfairly banned, but you are the mod sow you got the last word . and yes, i've readed it sow see you back next month than kind regards Yarno
  4. 1 unfair ban

    hey, I got banned cus i was multiplaying, i understand what i did and understand that i got banned with my alt (downloadman) and with my brothers account (kjell (wich doesn't play anymore) but my dad's account (borke) got banned too while he did nothing wrong, he only was playing on the same IP adress, sow please don't ban him for what i did. kind regards Yarno