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  1. Productivity ?

    I wanna know how many lilacs Lavinia has.
  2. forum game

    :battleaxe: :axeman_rune: And Benvolio is the KING!!
  3. Unicorns

    I think the idea that you loose some exp is good, and that at the same time it drops really high level stuff. So maybe like you loose 2k exp, and have a 1/50 chance of a serp or something?
  4. forum game

    why do I always get 4?
  5. Need some feature implemented quick

    Theres a problem with this: What if they are nonstackable items, ex. Potions? Once you use it does the item disapear but the box still is there?
  6. forum game

    Way to copy me. 4
  7. I am sorry please unban me

    OK, thats a different story then.
  8. I am sorry please unban me

    Banned for spamming? No warning or anything? And you have never done this in the past? Well I must say This does happen a lot, I got lagged once and kept trying to type to see if it would work, and Hazor warned me.
  9. Avatar Battle

    No contest, mine pwns j00 all
  10. Potion of Extra Mana

    I really don't see the point in the great mana potions. Its no different than 2.5 SRs. I think it would be better if they gave you back ALL your mana, no matter how much max you had open.
  11. Storage bug

    I'm pretty sure his in game name is Senia
  12. Tarsengaard storage

    If they make it so you can't manu in any storage this game will get around 100X harder for makers
  13. forum game