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    My prime of youth is but frost of cares,<br>my feast is a joy is but dish of paine:<br>My Crop of corne is but a field of tares,<br>and all of my good is but vaine hope of gaine.<br>The day is past, and yet I saw no sunne,<br>And now I liue, and now my life is done.<br><br>My tale was heard, and yet it was not told,<br>my fruite is falne, & yet my leaues are greene:<br>My youth is spent, and yet I am not old,<br>I saw the world, and yet I was not senne.<br>My thread is cut, and yet it is not spunne,<br>And now I liue, and now my life is done.<br><br>I sought my death, and I found it in my wombe,<br>I lookt for life, and saw it was a shade:<br>I trod the earth, and knew it was my Tombe,<br>and now I die, and now I was but made.<br>My glasse is full, and now my glasse is runne,<br>And now I liue, and now my life is done.<br><br>Chidiock Tichborne (1558-1586)<br>Written with his owne hand in the Tower before his execution.
  1. Forum Error

    Lame server reboot/crash = forum error. Actually it was reboot, how do I know? Simply first are all processes like mysqld killed and then when network interfaces are taken down you get "connection refused" when trying to connect, eg. reload the page. That server is rebooted almost every two days, but when you are trying to constact their staff you get email autoreply. Lame. ;-> Regards.
  2. who is that?

    And it unfortunately is, I met eg. on EL alot of people who absolutely sees nothing wrong/right in a person they like/dislike. Anyway I have a good material from EL to my book. :-) Reboot: TYPO. Regards.
  3. who is that?

    Heh, I remember what people were doing when a family of Afrikans moved in there. But could be that you live in some other part of our beautiful country. :-) Whatever. Regards.
  4. who is that?

    Well, then you are lucky, in Poland every non catholic person is damned. :-) Regards.
  5. who is that?

    No, actually I didn't meant anything flammy. Just told that Rogue is a person that should be avoided. Simply and clearly. Truthful as usual. Regards.
  6. who is that?

    And how a sentence "Mihaim is a person you should avoid." is flammes provoking? While on Abuse section are multiple example of his private revenges towards defenceless people. You doing hate me but you are like a nice Roja's doggie following me everywhere where I will post. ;-) Regards.
  7. doom and masters capes

    Well, that would be weird even for Entropy if he wouldn't have ANY of old EL server code. Regards.
  8. Terri Schiavo

    Private lifes of the other people are not my concern and putting a nose into this is rude. Voted: I don't give a "smeg". Regards.
  9. doom and masters capes

    Actually not, if I would get a server code, I would surely take my folks from work to code it (we all played EL on old server and loved it). :-) Setup a host for that. But it is weird that Entropy don't want to open source even old code of the server. Regards.
  10. doom and masters capes

    Well, old system required only SMALL changes to be perfect. *sigh* Regards.
  11. A better logo

    Could be, but looks not straight. Regards.
  12. A better logo

    Why I have a feeling it is not straigh? And "lands" are higher than "eternal"? Regards.
  13. doom and masters capes

    That will never come back. Regards.
  14. doom and masters capes

    Masters and Doom Capes (very, very old screenshots, where are these times? WHERE?!) http://pt.platinum.linux.pl/misc/el08.jpg http://pt.platinum.linux.pl/misc/el3.jpg Regards.
  15. Free MMORPG's

    Good point! Almost as silly as when people say they'll leave and they dont, eh?!! And alot more silly when someone comprehend the difference between leaving the game and its forum/IRC channel/mailing list. :-) BTW: Why some lazy people quote my "Regards." are they just lazy or they join them? Regards.