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    If you have any other questions i will gladly answer them. I read the post you linked in your response, but I do not fully understand what my punishment will be. Thanks for your help.
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    Odonis is my brothers alt, ilovekittens is odonis's gf, she lives in florida. The other names i presume are alts of ilovekittens, she told him that she tried to make the name cunntilingus, but clearly it is an inappropriate name and to my knowledge she never actually used it. The only names you mentioned i recall talking to is ilovekittens, and my brother tigerbl00d/odonis. I hope that clears things up. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Recently while playing EL, I received a message "disconnected from server by Aislinn" or something to that effect. I am unable to log in now as bubblegumdumdum. After a late, but thorough review of the rules, I believe I found my problem, rule 5. I started playing this game with my brother, Tigerbl00d, we initially had separate IP addresses, I using my Iphone, and he the neighbors wireless. We would trade items to help one another. After misplacing his pickpoints my brother created an alt, on our new home wireless. Since we were able to trade in the past and neglectfully unaware of rule 5, he decided to give me all of his items, to give to his alt. Now that I have read the rules I understand that we should not have done this transaction. My brother and i have read through the rules and will strictly adhere to them from now on. My brother no longer uses tigerbl00d so the only account that is needed to be unlocked is bubblegumdumdum. Again I apologize for my actions, and appreciate all efforts to allow me to access my EL account.