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    In your toaster O.o
  1. Server go boom?

    no idea o.O
  2. Why I did those things...

    i dunno you, but hey, make alot of friends and prosper in the game \o/
  3. Umm..

    Amazons have come to take over O_O
  4. Bye

    *gasps* Blueberry! You can't go........just can't I don't have some cheesy excuse. Bleh, may the best of life come to you in everything u do Cya Blueberry \o/ cheers
  5. Summoners

    1 r t3h m4573r 0f t3h l337 5u|\/||\/|0|\|1|\|g!11!!~~!!!11! 5u|\/||\/|0|\|1|\|g 1v1 19 pr0!11!~!~!1!1
  6. What Irks you

    Real life: 1) People who have the ability to do something perfectly and waste their time doing nothing instead. 2) People who try to talk gangsta....especially when they are glasses wearing, white nerds. 3) This computer. 4) People who always think they're right. 5) People who just can't stand the fact that I say "syrup" with a southern accent. 6) Stubbing my toe(s). 7) The friggin idiots who claimed black people being rescued last in Katrina was racism. (I live in Louisiana). 8) The people in the White House that contantly bitch about their problems or other things they think are important and don't realize our country made need some assistance. 9) Richard Simmons. 10) When people do something wrong, and instead of realizing it and fixing it, they remind you of your past mistakes. 11) The number 11. 12) People who don't say thank you when you give them things. 13) People that borrow my stuff and don't give it back. 14) The cat across the street who comes over to my house and sits in my yard just to make my god damn dog go crazy and bark till she has a sore throat. 15) People who will do everything for you ONLY if your popular so that they will get some attention too. 16) Posers. 17) When you tell people you are ticklish and yet they still tickle you trying to find some damn way to make you laugh when its hopeless. 18) The fact that I spent so much time on this
  7. Helm Of Life

    I don't have that button o.O anyway helm is *SOLD*
  8. Helm Of Life

    *Sry I forget how to edit lol* 175k is the price
  9. Helm Of Life

    Title says it all... 190k post here on PM me ingame: name Losol thanx
  10. crowns!

  11. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    bye bye cooldown
  12. First step

    Hiding ur stats...are u ashamed of them?? Good move sMooMs.. #set_privacy off
  13. Chaos_Knight breaking his rules

    hmmm i pvp with chaos he seems like an ok guy. Do you have chat logs or a screenie to justify this? Just curious not taking sides just want to be sure he didn't kill you as fair game and u whined no offense here.
  14. Whats in your storage?

    Items you have in your storage: 1509 Empty Vial 46 Bones Powder 32 Serpent Stone 4 Skunk fur 5 Fur Hat 2 Warm Fur Gloves 9 Unicorn Medallion 1 Portland Ring Building 191 Bones 708030 Gold Coins 94 Stars Medallion 17 Fur Boots 8 Iron Plate Mail 10 Death Essence 8 Ring of Portland 14 Gold Ore 2 Book of Puma Summoning 11 Padded Leather Armor 26 Steel Shield 4 Mortar & Pestle 9 Iron Cuisses 361 Potion of Reasoning 4 Spirit Essence 156 Thread 4 Powersaving Cloak 6 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 1000 Blue Star Flower 11 Iron Greave 3 Air Essence 20 Sulfur 21 Leather Helm 899 Matter Essence 1 Isla Prima Ring Building 223 Fire Essence 3 Excavator Cape 1 Deer Antlers 1 Racoon fur 5902 Health Essence 70 Coal 157 Potion of Physique 2 Iron Bar 147 Mercury 1 VOTD Ring Building 3 Fur Pants 1 Wooden Staff 4 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Titanium Long Construction 14 Titanium Chain Mail 276 Emerald 15 Iron Broad Sword 1 Iron Axe 1424 Potion of Spirit Restoration 19 Ring of Naralik 9 Fur Cloak 1 Titanium Axe 1 Pickaxe 16 Titanium Serpent Sword 7539 Silver Ore 1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 3926 Chrysanthemum 20 Iron Shield 1 Wooden Shield 1 Book of Troll Fighting 11 Iron Battle Hammer 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction 2 Wood Branches 29 Potion of Extra Mana 16 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 116 Potion of Defense 974 Rose Quartz 2 Book of Potion of Physique 1 Book of Cyclops Fighting 206 Energy Essence 340 Potion of Coordination 54 Steel Long Sword 13 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves 2 Book of Potion of Feasting 2 Iron Sword 5 Potion of Feasting 12 Ring of White Stone 1 Needle 8 Potion of Mana 12 Body Piercing Cloak 2 Steel Chain Mail 27 Iron Helm 2 Racoon hat 18 Magic Essence 8 Sun Medallion 39 Steel Two Edged Sword 1 Fur Torso 1 Skunk hat 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 2 Iron Chain Mail 13 Mirror Cloak 37 White Asiatic Lilly 2 Conjurer Cloak 3 Enhanced Wooden Shield 27 Moon Medallion 233 Leather Pants 501 Blue Quartz 2 Steel Axe 2 Book of Titanium Mining 1 Used Steel Two Edged Sword 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Steel Shield Construction 1 Titanium Short Construction 1 Damaged Iron Cuisses You have 109 out of 200 slots used.
  15. Chat log quotes

    Kala: Auric come here. Auric: noo teh oger Auric: never Kala: I'm too lazy to click near you. SoloS: o.o!! Ziara: lol SoloS: auric SoloS: start walkin Auric: i did TirasHazor: o.o SoloS: meep! TirasHazor: lot of people .. Slashfury: hazor p00n Kala: HAZY kat: dun dun dun..dun dun dun dun dunnn TirasHazor: Hi Jormane: hi hazor SoloS: teh haz-R! SoloS: _haz0r kat: hey hazor Auric: lol Ziara: run auric Slashfury: lmao [PM to TirasHazor: spideR!] Resync with the server... Auric: lol Kala: bah Auric: smoked her [PM from TirasHazor: die =/] kat: lol Kala: Yeah. Kala: Come here, I'll give you a prize. Auric was liberated the american way. SoloS: oops Ziara: lol Slashfury: pssht Jormane: lol Jormane: ouch [PM to TirasHazor: ]