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  1. I have a really really good one.. well tis old because i havent played in like years or so :P



    I owned a guild called ~KO~ (for knocked out) AND i GOT A MEMBER WHO PURCHESED FULL PLATE A TITANIUM THERMAL SERP..bah caps.. anywho and a couple capes.. right.. Well My guild was getting some cool members and a nice number for guild.. this guy just started and he didnt know how much guilds were plus he didnt have the levell so he gave me his full plate, his therm and mirror cape.. witch back then i guess was more then it may be now.. maybe less who knows.. :)


    anyway So he got the guild then I sold my sword to blackcomplex who sold it to a moderator or someone like that..



  2. But some newbies really act stupid and rudely for example yesterday i was on isla prima beam when a newbie called egg[number] (i dont remember the number that came after egg so i cant tell the exact name) started swearing all bad words he knew for fun..when they do that i get angry...so they dont act well everytime. :P

    <-- "pro"joe. lol :)


    As long as this game dosent get as bad as runescape I will come back when I can :sneaky: well I can now.. but this computer makes the fps on the game for me at 4 because it suks alot.. but soon muahahahaha! soon. :wub:

  3. if there IS a god...some guy/women who 'made' us why doesnt anyone in this world really knows who he is? i mean, the christians say its teh God, muslims say its Allah..and the others i dont know....

    and IF there is a god, i would really really really like to meet him in person and..well....punch him so hard right on the nose..--> for the inocent ppl who die in this world cous off all kind of things..like the poor in africa and all around the world..why give some rapper guy (or whatever artist) 10 houses and let others die from hunger etc..  .. i can keep this up soo long, off all this kind of things what is wrong about this guy/women whomever s/he is...


    God gave us free will, he dosent control what we do and how we decid to spend our lives. Hes not the one who gave the rapper 10 houses and let the guy die in africa. He did however give us free will. We are the ones responcable for whats happening today, what happened in the past. If he didnt give us free will.. made us all believe in him, made us all perfact.. no errors..no sins.. do you think this game would be here :D. j/k. but do you think we would have things like this? like casinos? lol.. :P No errors is one big error. I would hate to be equal to everybody else. so thats why we have free will thats why the rapper has 10 houses.. thats why some poor guy just died in some odd country. Its not good. but its better than the other option, and I think you will agree.. :miky:

  4. I think I have eternal lands working on this computer now. :P I went to log on projoe to test it out. but I seem to have forgotten my password. or someone changed it.. one or the other. May someone change it for me. entrophy or roja. or some other mod that can..... :don: Ty. just pm me my pass or somthing? my account name is projoe. I dont know if this is the right topic and if it isnt also can someone move it to the right place. ty! :stare:

  5. You have barely any....I was just getting sick of all my icons so I dumped them all in a folder.  I'm almost positive their is a lot more junk and software on my computer than yours :-P  If you need proof...i'll get my installed programs list...lol. 


    You should have seen my desktop before....I had to use differnt icon arganing settings just to find all the icons...because they diden't fit on my desktop... :glare:



    no i dont think you do.thats just my desktop. I also have to run 2 web sites. I use apache2triad, and ws_ftp. but I took unix commands and put thim in windows, linux commands. for c:\ and alot more. I also a bunch of p2p programs. kazaa, aris, bare share, morphious..and more. trying to write somthing similer to eternal lands in gaphics quality and performence in c++ but trying a more fantasy theme like FFXI...but so far im doing crappy at it.. I bought a book to learn though.. :stare: anyway I have alot.. alot on this computer. and soon I will buy a server and host websites more like freewebs...and try to make some money! :P

  6. I am christian. 100% :bow_arrow: i believe in nothing else as the bible says i should. why am i christian? well. if you know anything then you could know that the bible has never been proven wrong and so we have no evedence of anything the bible says to be wrong. but theres another fact that other religions havent been proven wrong either. but. i believe in god and jesus. :D sorry if this has offended anyone. :D lol

  7. no because i can't even play on this computer for some odd reason.. I tried modifying alot of stuff.. making backups for everything.. nothing helped.. my card is updated.. brand new.. and I think I found out the problem but Im not sure how to fix it.. :stare: When I open eternal lands it opens to el.exe's in the computers process.... they overlap each other so my computer displays a error and cannot debug it.. Ive tried also.. ad Ive tried to set it.. it won't work.. :cry: So.. anyone can help??? :angry: anyway no.. not bac....yet.. :axeman_rune:

  8. Yea.. its blank but I have more crap on this computer than most of you.. not all oin desktop though.. Im a graphics designer so I have cs2 cs and 7.0 (photoshop) gimp 2.0 gimpshop psp 8.0 and 9.0 and apohysis..2.02.. running xp.. and have extensive programs.. I lowerd the thing to classic and didnt use an active bg for reasons to save space on my computer.. :)

    Click me

    (btw that invisionfreenetworks site.. i own) :D more for graphics and tutorials.. :mellow:

  9. yes...i will because i have money on the game ...since i kept it for so long i will give you eh...5K and your top plate in brand new conition..

    but im not comming back to the game till june so please wait ...ty..