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  1. What Animal Are You?

    meep meep: Results for Brandon Stowe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your Animal is: Whitetail Deer You are a Whitetail Deer! Whitetail deer are beautiful and plentiful. They are usually quiet and do not bother people. They are playful yet cautious. Many respect the deer. Deer are usually underestimated...
  2. This Has To End Now.

    its not really a choice..well it is but they cant always win..the missions will be set on a difficulty lvl so it wont be easy..and why shouldnt they?? eh its not really their fult they died..(in my opinion)...anyways...i just think they should..it dosnt make it too easy to get their stuff back but it dose make it so they can.. and what about the people who waste like 100hours of lilac selling just to buy them their fiirstr pair of plate them they die right when the hit the lvling?? i think that isnt to fair..
  3. Playing A Sound For Pm

    I like the idea of a sound when a person pms you..first of all when you ARE afk but waiting for a certin message to comfirm a deal, buy, ect ect..this will get you there in time..second of all i like the sound because it is kinda like a call from another person but there is a problem with this..(even though this uis a game) This game is set in like the midevil ages and stuff like that right? well if there is a sound when someone pms you wont it be more high tech for the time set for this game? If there were a sound it should be like a call..from a voice of a man or a woman probaly like a "hello" or somthing... Regards, Projoe One more thing..i think it would be a good idea to have a kind of switch or command to turn the ring off...for people who dont like the pm sound..this way everyone wins!
  4. This Has To End Now.

    I think that when people die the get a number dice like thing..then they press a button like space bar or somthing and the dice on your screen will role if it gets a role of like a certin chance like (over 5, under three straight six) or whatever the screen commands you to get..then if you role the right chance the items will be returned to you.. if you hit the wrong number your items will go to a mission bar in where you will have to succed a mission to get them back but you have a choice to do the mission..if you simply select NO then your items will be placed into a bag in the place you died for others to claim!
  5. This Has To End Now.

    how can people actully be cautious about dying? i mean if they are always in fear then what fun is it to go up against a nice strong monster that gives them a rush that they look for? anyway what about the even match monsters that take them down about most of their life but they kill the monster..that will no longer happen unless you not worried about this anywayid stick with the reaper idea!
  6. This Has To End Now.

    i like that idea too crannog..
  7. What Is Ur Favorite Smile ?

    my top four smiles are: :lol: then i like these too (not really smiles) ^^ ^__^ ^.^ ^^0
  8. This Has To End Now.

    I like that idea, it sounds like somthing that would go good with the game!.. Ragards, Projoe
  9. This Has To End Now.

    i hate death bags...and yes i have lost alot of crap because of my darn addiction for pk maps...but i would hate for the deth bags to be removed!..When you die you have a 50% chance to lose somthing or all things..well anyway i think its kinda a proper punishment..(atleats you get to live at all) Its a small fee for sying..eh??
  10. The Game Wont Load!

    here is what my error log says: Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/fontv.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle5.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle6.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle7.bmp how can i fix this??
  11. The Game Wont Load!

    tried that a bazillion times!!!
  12. Lower Lvl's Taking Your Animal/monster

    well i dont like it because i hate when those lil lvl people come and kill my stuff then all their friends come ..then i have to leave my spot making it take longer for me to train...sad..but useully u dont see a newbie come and try to kill a troll or somthing..lol
  13. Teh Gold Plate, And Other Misc Grafx

    Ive changed about every peice of armour i have and more..
  14. Little Suspicious

    haha thats the one i was talking about..(and on the dark side that did happen but i only took their leather armour and a couple other items)mwahahaha
  15. Little Suspicious

    well by hearing everyones comments i beleive he is no scammer... i know ive been on this outlaws page even when i quit the game lol..
  16. Where do you get your signature from?

    I got my sig from my past...and from now.. <_<
  17. Widdle Wabbit

    lol..very funny although id hate to be da rabbit...
  18. New Sig.

    heh...funny..i like it if you watch anime its kinda like miroku on inuyasha!!
  19. Teh Gold Plate, And Other Misc Grafx

    I second that..Id hate to mess up the game..
  20. Happy Mothers Day

    happy moms day...i guess...
  21. Little Suspicious

    wait..is he the leader of riva though..(sorry havent played in a while)
  22. Dosnt Work On This Computer?

    For some reason when I log onto Eternal-Lands, an error screen pops up and says: Were sorry a problem has occured and "developed with c++" needs to close... I dont know how to avoid this problem, when I turn it on real fast I will be able to get on the game for like (lets say umm..2 minutes) then the problem will come up again! Can anyone help me with this problem or am i forced to play some other game... Regards, Projoe!!
  23. Dosnt Work On This Computer?

    ok..ty mabey ill be able to play again!! yay!!