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  1. Ballad of the Red Moon War

    I'm not one to make purposeful grammar and spelling errors like those. Thanks for the catch, changes made and sorry it took so long. I was on a bit of a hiatus.
  2. Ballad of the Red Moon War

    I don't mind at all (:
  3. Ballad of the Red Moon War

    Ballad of the Red Moon War by Razia The red moon lights the sky Trembling earth's warning unheeded Till the shrill of a sleeper's cry o AWAKENED! o What tragic call to arms Gargoyles swarmed from Vermor Castle Luxin's soldiers shouted alarms Goblins too; all darkness' host Oger's midst the titanium mine The demons of Tahraji's savage coast Portland threatened, then overrun! Till brave warriors make their stand And when we thought all had been won... Cave Trolls strike the crystal cave! The slaughter of miners, innocents all Made many a mournful grave The warriors of the dwarven valley Three invasions did repel And then.... Mortos' grand finale! Kilaran Fields became a Hell Of Chimeran Wolves all running free Blood and fangs of darkness' spell Do not forget the fighters, brave or coward Do not forget the innocents who fell Do not forget the victims, devoured Do not forget, though all is well Though all the monsters are as before And the sky is beautiful clear Yet be on guard For darkness favors war And Mortos still holds influence here As I sung it at the beam's bonfire 07-07-0003
  4. Pig Skin Death Burka

    It's true that the actions of highly visable parts of the west make the masses of the mideast hate the US, but it is equally true that the actions of highly visable parts of the mid-east make the masses of the west hate them. Equal bad conduct for both sides, though the results are definitly unequal. An important differnece is, that if the mid east stops, the west will let them lie (they are concerened with money, not religion. The mideast is not a threat.) and if the west stops, the mid east will bomb the west again. Thus, the only way to stop this is to persuade the mid-east to stop. Fanatics suck, because they cannot be persuaded. One must destory their roots of poverty and despair and fear that new fanatics grow from and then one must destroy the fanatics to halt them. America's problem is that they run counter to the first step I suggested in their attempts to do the second. They make this bad decision because of their own fanatics, risen from the fear of the other fanatics. The problem is not in america or in the mid east. Both the problems of bombings and the problems of iraq and afganistan's wars are problems with fanatics (under different banners). However, the mid east began this, and so the US must continue it or die. If the US can defeat the fanatics within and then deroot the fanatics outside, it could even suceed. There is always hope for change in a democracy, every four years in the US. to conclude: Everyone, should fight fanatics in every part of the world. Do not throw hate (or react out of fear) at american fanatics or islamic fanatics, but simply 'fanatics' for they are the same no matter what colors they wear. Also people, beware of attacking minor points and losing the original purpose of the argument in the process. You're both right and you're both wrong. Combine yourselves and turn outward and do some good in the world.
  5. Gard - We Are Back!

    AHHHHHHH! It's back, it's back! You know, I was in the middle of joining my second guild when I saw this post. Perfectly evil timing Janemuffin! Good job.
  6. Contest Entry 2: Poetry

    here is a sillier poem with no forth wall. I was requested to put it on a seperate thread which apparently means it qualifies as an entry. .... I wasn't expcting that. Thanks Lyanna. The Ballad of the New Player Starting Isla Prima, day one, EL night. You’re a happy little newbie slaying bunnies left and right. Here’s a NH come to chat with you; he guides you to the boat. You kill your first beaver in W.S. and spend some time to gloat. Not even level seven, so you’re right back at the beam, Those Vermor Castle monsters are the meanest things you’ve seen. Now get up! You’re table hunting; travel quick from town to town. There are five tavern-bars to visit, the gargoyles can’t pin you down. Starting to gain skills now, at least at chopping flowers. Sitting there in VotD, lilacs tremble at your powers. Where will you go from here? Fighters go on to their very first deer. Manu freaks sew scarves for hours Alchemists are crushing flowers. Mages do good deeds at Beam, Where scavenging Summoners are often seen. Crafters haunt the libraries And Potion Mixers wield their tools with ease. Your storage list grows long, grows tall. and finding a chat gives you no trouble at all. Hourely harvests help you grow stronger The required exp only gets longer and longer. The you reach a level twenty skill, and that tag besides your name, Says “Hey! I’m not just some newbie!â€. God I love this game. soooo.... yeah. I also added/edited some verses.
  7. Contest Entry: Poetry

    Gemlight Still Crystal reflections dance in rings Murky water’s movement sings The complementing blues of rock The curving pillar stones Far below the scented skies Here, the stony palace resides With silver walls shining With sturdy iron ramparts Though bridges lead to nowhere Though a million rats make it their lair The grandeur shall still endure Beloved caves live on, persist, prevail! For your treasures will never fade The shimmering of golden quartz In the name of Crystal Cave The sounds of still waters The shine of precious metals The fine crafted buildings Abandoned like a grave All live on, live on, persist Under the name of Crystal Cave It's not exactly a stroyline, but some depth could be read into it as a lament for the abandoned homes that for some reason exist within the cave. Mostly, it's a poem.