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  1. Low fps after update

    Use "isometric view" and see if you can get better fps - you see less but you play smoothly.... With iso view i get ~ 60 fps, without ~12-10
  2. vampireLOREN is a bagjumper

    Sorry to interfere with that but... today i saw VampireLoren announcing a DB recovery on chan 3.
  3. B&S

    Wb Shen & Bris:-))) Nice to have you back:-)))))
  4. This is a market?

    The drop problems 1. The books could become the a very good gc exit from the game ------>by limitating the book selling/buying thingie only to npc's. - So no more books dropped would let the gc exit the game. 2. Armed skelleton droping titanium chainmail - getting one after 10 of them isn't really normal ----> armed skellies are much lower than trolls ---->will make the tit chain get down and down like the tit long.... 3. So i keep my idea no more final-items drops and no more book drops could be a first step to solve the problem Realism 1. Troll dropping bear summoning for instance - i never saw a troll summoning anything...carring such knowledge is in a way strange. 2. armors without a scratch ----> i suppose the killed troll armor - lol - could be damaged at least if he is hit by my fists and sword 3. Chimeran's dropping books is not realistic....really i don't doubt the intelligence of the chimerans but ...lol Suggestions: 1. Either drops are parts of items ----->like thread for spiders which is magnificent. 2. Either drops are for instance: cyclop eye, troll tongue, ogre hand -----> items that can be used in powerful potions or something. 3. Manufacturing/crafting/mixing to be allowed only in certain space. And recipes to be more complicated to get to final product (using the crafting pattern) 4. reintroduction of some items in the manu cycle: ex: tit long. Note: I guess is normal to have a steady market before new items would be introduced. Otherwise there would be heaps of items and soon due to the large number of people making them, the market would uber deflate again. Introduction of new rings would balance the crafting skill, though taking into consideration the possibility for all these rings to use new gems/ore i guess the price for the actual items would get down like hell... 5. different cooldown times for some consumable items according to their importance: i guess damage ring should have a much lower cooldown than dissingagemnent for instance, due to the fact that 10 damage is an effect equal to....like 1 hit.
  5. Interguild messenger

    My oppinion: a) is normal for guildies to communicat through #ig #ig is anyway a question of representativity why not showing the guild_rank of someone when she/he #ig's to some other guild. for instance (Dawn) Dawn Damned_Angel [15] blah blah blah For me this would be helpfull to know the representativity in a guild of someone that is talking through #ig with me or my guildies (Very usefull for EL interaction) Take care:-) Edit: i had to edit due to emoticons that destroyed my ;-)))
  6. Favorite hat

    Santa Clause type of Hat ----->cause when i see one in proximity, usually i get gifts:-) Various gifts... Well if i see 2 or more in the proximity...then i will get an uber gift:-)
  7. Buying weapons of all kinds.. (Not too expensive.. )

    I guess you can find all the weapons on market channel instead of this place. And buying them from various sellers could mean a cheap global price. Good luck
  8. Română

    Salve Oroles, nu ai gresit. Entropy zis si "teh God" este creatorul si proprietarul EL. Bafta ;-) Imi pare rau dar nu stiu cum sa rezolv problema cu driverele Ati.
  9. This is a market?

    You are missing the point.... Monster drops and bots ruined the economy. End of story... A countinuous flow of tit longs for instance from monsters ------>tit long is never manued and the price is just silly ~800gc (And requires EFE) The first step---->no more drops. The second step------> floors and ceilings for all items (including in bot's lists). Third step: more complicated way to make the items (for instance for a sword you make the blad in one blacksmith's shop, you make the handle in another's, etc and you merge the parts in a certain place....) If you are a crafter you make the ring from scratch: bars--->rings, gem--->polished gem, polished gem+ring = ring. Why not this recipe to everything?
  10. Chatting with memebers of *CO*

    a simphony of boredom and confusion... I mean i've tried to follow the lines but i found nothing important in the whole set of screenshots. And i'm not sure who was the person/guild the poster wanted to discredit The market issue Rich and some other guilds that own bots affect the economy? Lol Is there anyone here that doesn't knew that? But selling at dumping prices is not a way to corner the economy. Anyone could have done it anytime. Because is easier to make stocks and sell them cheap in low ammounts...rofl... that's not a thing to be proud of, in my oppinion... Long time ago i could have cornered the tit long market myself (~300 tit longs in inv) and i was only 1 player. So i guess is not a big deal, but instead a bad deal. Same issue with forcing the market deflation as a weapon against the cooldown. but well different people, different visions. By selling the items at dumping prices you help exclusivelly the fighters and your guild manuers, but in long term, you destroy the core of your supply lines:-) your alch/crafters/manuers....
  11. JusT war on *CO*

    GGK:-))) LW:-))
  12. Bye

    Best of luck buddy....Take good care and we will be here for you when you come back:-)
  13. Arigorn

    Arigorn dont impose your values to everyone... Even if this is a game, people can see, feel, want different things from it. Everyone has a choice: some play having a solid moral ground in game, some don't. Is a question of choice. People react different when they have an interaction with someone that is not suitable to their ethics. My problem with scaming etc is that some kids play this game too. And if you can understand for a kid the difference between virtual and real space is not so well defined. Therefore some kids can really suffer in RL for unethical things that happened to them in EL. This is a game ok, but even a game can have collateral damage.
  14. Arigorn

    I can't agree more. The outlaw section is to post personal or guild outlaws (depends on every person/guild vision regarding the "bad things" though) that's what i want to underline. The best weapon remains #ignore. End of story. If you can apply this policy to all the guildies, even better. Someone did something wrong to a friend or etc, he/she doesn't exist any longer in my virtual space. If everyone does the same, what a scammer would do in a world of loneliness? Get bored. I guess that's a good punishment.
  15. Just a quick Howdy

    Hi Queen Jenny:-)))) Long time since we had the pleasure to talk with your majestuous person. Come back here :-))) i've prepared a very exotic coffee and some exotic goodies for you:-) Take good care:-) evil hugs:-)) lol D_A