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  1. Selling NMT, Auction

    Selling NMT Starting bid at 500k Reasonable increasements pelase Bin at 525k - ends Monday by this time
  2. Storage sale - All needs to go

    Deal done with karulos, didnt see you online yet blackhawk, only wtf and 2k pofs left of what you wanted... pm when online
  3. Storage sale - All needs to go

    Selling some stuff.. Post here or ingame. Ores: 810 Hydrogenium Ore Weapons: 9 Ice bolts 1 Frying Pan 4330 Crossbow training bolts 1 Steel Axe 1 Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal - Held for the moment for possible buyer. 1 Short Bow 1 Crossbow Armor: 13 Enhanced Wooden Shield 3 Iron Helm 7 Leather Pants 6 Leather Boots 1 Used Steel Cuisses 2 Augmented Leather Pants 2 Leather Helm Animal: 1408 Brown Snake Skin 1984 Green Snake Skin 1349 Polar Bear Fur 5 Giant Spider Summoning Stone 1812 Red Snake Skin Clothes: 26 Racoon hat 18 Skunk hat 7 Leather Pants 6 Leather Boots 2 Augmented Leather Pants 1 No More Tears Cape 1 Powersaving Cloak 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak 1 Excavator Cloak
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, I'd like to order 20k sulfur (49,5k) and 30k Iron ores (118,5k) //
  5. Last of my storage

    If any hydro left, pm me ingame please
  6. Essences and More for sell

    i'll buy any ti bars and fe's left