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  1. Axe Guild Wars

  2. Axe Guild Wars

    Lil question what did my guild and i do wrong in the first place??
  3. Axe Guild Wars

    That would suck if riva joined cause i donated a ton of crap to adarah and whats the black list mean?
  4. Fame and Axe

    umm yea take that ass part out scamming stinks sorry
  5. Fame and Axe

    lols scamming sucks ass i don't know how to do it anymore
  6. Axe Guild Wars

    Yea um u guys can all go to kf and we will watch cause were not going in u can say were at war but good luck getting us. Were not going in when u guys in tehre without diss rings anyways....
  7. Axe Guild Wars

    This guild War is very pointless because first of all when i used to go to pk maps often yall killed me anyways plus the members in my guild (that havn't already left) don't pk much so good luck looking for us in a pk area
  8. xXx challenge UTi to war

    I am against Sweetthang so i am on other side i call
  9. Axe Guild Wars

    Um i never had an alt join your guild i would never really want to anyways
  10. Fame and Axe

    Man u guys are really good at disses
  11. Fame and Axe

    Very True good idea although it will be very tough since i already have that name above my head
  12. Fame and Axe

    I have never run the mage guild.... plus i havn't been scamming its my members but i can certainly start scamming again
  13. Axe Guild Wars

    plus i can't use them together (helping each other) legally.
  14. Axe Guild Wars

    lol i don't have that many chars.....
  15. Axe Guild Wars

    Ok Then post here if your guild wants a war with Axe or if u want war with Axe.
  16. Fame and Axe

  17. Fame and Axe

    I havn't scammed for a while..... but maybe i will start again so i can get that money great idea daxon thanks a lot
  18. Fame and Axe

    I was thinking about destroying the guild then remaking so that i don't have some of the scamming members but i don't have that kind of money so i can't.
  19. Axe Guild Wars

  20. n3wb

  21. Fame and Axe

    Sweet lol well u guys well own us i am gonna post a section and see how many guilds want war with us.
  22. Fame and Axe

    WTF i run Axe i don't want a damn war with fame xx w/e is out of the guild don't fucking listen to anyone but me in the guild i own it
  23. Messenger Bot sign-up list

    Axe Axe Benhe