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  1. Benfish - scammer

    lol saw ben little scared then saw the fish and i new i was fine
  2. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    Hmm if that noob wants his fur cape and leather pants he can go die... Why the hell would i give back some noob items after u guys are being all up tight about this.... This is barely a scam getting fur cape and leather pants i mean come on. Have u guys not seen a reall scam in a while and just taking out your anger on this one
  3. Storage Cleanout

    mrmind if u offer more then i will sell to you immedaitly
  4. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    Hardcore i also killed him. I killed him after he came back from hell when damagedtmx had already killed him. Damagedtmx told me he got some like steel chian and junk and when i killed him i got leather pants and like a fur cloack pretty much all i got from him so am i really a scammer sorry to diss u damagedtmx not saying your a scammer but i clearly did nothing wrong her. I only said that there was a steel chain in a bag i had placed (i lied put a vegie or something in there...). I then waited in the ring and i saw the guy go in and i killed him... not much crime tehre guys and i dont' consider that a scam accept for the fact i lieed to him.. Is lieing scamming now?? i mean come on
  5. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    LOL i wish damagedtm was mine i would be rich !!!! and no i aint no multiplaying and w/e mods check the ip adress and w/e
  6. Alch Shop

    500 health ess please
  7. Storage Cleanout

    Soldus sweet yea um how the heck do i scam u on a trade window... i trade u items u give me money ok anyone gonna beat mrmind... 5k offer btw there arre 7k lilacs tehre
  8. Short notice: Duel RP Event

    i'm in! i can do please pick me pick me i will do it!! yay maybe i am not a fox anymore.... )
  9. Market Prices are going down and down

    I agreee take away everyones efe!!! or make them harder to make or maybe dont' do that and make iron plate torso have 3 efe's inorder to make that may work but probably not i am really just posting so that i am not a fox anymore i need to post much more..
  10. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    Hmmm the crime here must actually be lieing because i never had the chain i just said i did...
  11. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    LOL i DO NOT see anything i did wrong there. I just killed him when he was in the ring.. GOSH is that a crime
  12. summoning limits

    Who would sell wolf furs for 15gc...
  13. All OuT WAR!

    I will do it ~ benhe
  14. outlaw list complant. EVIL!

  15. The Eternal Race

    I'll do it ~ BENHE
  16. Benhe's storage sale

    I am having a storage sale for purchasing the following items PM me Ingame at BENHE. ESSENCES Fire Essence (1450)- 3.5gc a piece Water Essence (300)- 3gc a piece Air Essence (150)- 3gc a piece Enriched Fire Ess (1)- 5.5k Potions Coordination (75)- 10 gc a piece with vials Summoning (20)- 25 gc a piece Reasoning (40)- 4gc a piece Bones (2k)- 1.5k Weapons Iron battle hammer (1) 200gc Quarterstaff (1) 200gc Ore Tit Ore (2.5k) for low price of 3k Rare Books Book of Titanuim mining (3) 1k for one Portland Ring building (1) 650gc Isla Prima ring building (3) 650gc a piece Book of potion of feasting (1) 750gc Book of Titanuim molding (1) 1.5k Book of Gargolyes summoning (1) 400gc Book of Iron Axe Construction (1) 1k Titanuim Short Construction (2) 500gc a piece Book of orc fighting (1) 2k Steel Shield construction (1) 1k Book of potion of summoning (3) 750gc a piece Book of steel axe construction (3) 1k a piece Sun medalion building (1) 500gc Book of potion of manufacturing (1) 1k Narilk ring building (1) 650gc a piece Post here what you would like to buy or pm me ingame at BENHE thanks
  17. Benhe's storage sale

    LOL I didn't know that
  18. Benhe's storage sale

    Please pm me ingame to buy the hammer. Thanks
  19. Selling Tit Serp

    I am currently selling a tit serp pm me ingame at Benhe for offers or leave a message
  20. Benhe Bagjumper

    Hey hey i am back but not in the scamming sense i don't scam. I am for real this time but i still do pk thats how i make a living.
  21. Benhe locked

    Soldus will you please unbann benhe or any other mods with the abilty to do so. I never meant to call you something mean soldus please un lock me.
  22. Benhe locked

    I am sorry for all my vialations against the rules. If i am ever unlocked i will never be on two characters that are working toghether and helping each other. I am apolizing for all the wrong doings that i have comited. Sorry for cussing out any one that i have. Please unlock my character benhe. Edit* Thanks i have Benhe unlocked now. I hope to see all of you ingame.
  23. Therm. serp

    ok heres my great offer 267k and 2 serps
  24. dave24ohio

    Daves cool
  25. Proof you are not a Bag jumper

    BAd bad bad bad very bad idea indeed