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  1. AttackingGOD

    rofl i know am i too bad for *co* like how do i get rejected by them jeesey peesey
  2. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    Lol !! i can read i think that lochness over there thinks that benhe is still a character i probably wrong but that is what it came out to me as
  3. Benhe Bagjumper

    I was acutally made pkable not for scamming or anything in that sense. I cussed out soldus. And then i was made pkable then i got locked for a while for mutlitplaying i beleive.
  4. Award!

    Lol that would be pretty cool. But there should be more like prizes for like best summoner, fighter, alchmist all that stuff. We should make statues of them
  5. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    o no haha lochy there is no benhe anymore... benhe's name changed into attackinggod maybe you dont' understand that concept?
  6. reaper_one

    reeevey! pshh you can't talk
  7. Damagedtmx and Benhe

  8. AttackingGod A.K.A Benhe

    Dude borus you totaly lied about this story matteyu had nothing to do with it and i acutally asked you FF. WHich means friendly fight. YOU said NO. that means i would not give stuff back if i attacked you and killed ya. THen you later denied it and said you wanted the ff. Borus you changed the story to make me look worse then i really am in this case.
  9. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    HAHA yaser i like you sig
  10. Benhe Bagjumper

    ooo yea!!! perfect idea
  11. Benhe Bagjumper

  12. Benhe Scammer

    pkable sucks!
  13. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    chronic's got that one right!! yea!!!! Chronic = nooblet woodeh!
  14. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    HEH!!! i am not even that stupid! rofl radu is my friend!!!!!! :battleaxe: YAY magic!
  15. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    LOL chronic you don't even own the char chronic anymore so you can stfu
  16. Storage Cleanout

    I have too much junk and that i need to get rid of post a offer for everything please HERES the list 6 rat tails 7715 lilacs 19 potion of feasting 3 book of tit mining 9 deer fur 11 tit shorts 135 cactus 1 iron battle hammer 11 beaver fur 8 potion of minor healing 1 quarterstaff 1 book of tit molding 53 brown rabbit furs 1 book of iron axe construction 1 fox scarf 2 wooden battle hammer 17 earth ess 1 book of potion of manufacturing : :battleaxe: please post here offers for all this stuff thanks~~~~ BENHE
  17. Storage Cleanout

    sold for a eme
  18. hehe i am doing the war
  19. Storage Cleanout

    lol mrmind u gonna beat 6k?!
  20. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    Duke i did not understand a word u said
  21. Benfish - scammer

  22. damagedtmx

    LOL aerowind got killed from damagedtmx rofl!! what a noob how did u let damagedtmx kill you i am friends with that ( pker in the coming) but come on aerowind though u were better then that rofl guess not
  23. Damagedtmx and Benhe

    lol yea umm how did i not get away with this scamm i did get the items did i not chronic rofl i can pwn you!!! and u know it so don't act all tough