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  1. Hey there, I'm buying the following: Ores / Minerals 70k Silver @ 2.5gc ea 20k Iron @ 3gc ea 35k Diamonds @ 3.5gc ea 10k Quartz @ 2gc ea 10k Rose Quartz @ 2gc ea Flowers: 10k Tiger Lily @ .5gc ea 30k White Asiatic Lily @.5gc Please post below or message me directly on the forums.
  2. Hello, I'm looking to get involved with a consistent 60-80 instance team. My in-game name is Inception & my relevant stats are as follow: Physique: 28 Coordination: 32 Reasoning: 20 Will: 32 Attack: 78 Defense: 76 Magic: 61 Summoning: 50 Please add me in-game or send me a private message, if you are in this range and still run the instance frequently.
  3. baned..... :/

    I don't even know what i was doing.. talking to mihaim just trying out some french and i got banned... its not like i cussed him in french i'm not that far long... can anyone unban me i didn't do anything...
  4. Yndiana

    Well w/e doesn't matter anymore sold my character maybe i will be back someday in a scamming mood again later EL
  5. Yndiana

    Lookie here like i said i got the evidence I can pwn yndi with ease..... -------You are in WSC Arena [32,35] Game Time: 02:45:00 YnDiAnA went the same place that Goldy the Gold Fish went. [PM from YnDiAnA: you return stuff? xD] [PM to YnDiAnA: no]------------- HEHEHE how about dem apples so for the record yndiana sucks and can't kill me
  6. Yndiana

    Yndiana i can pwn you don't MAKE yourself seem all PRo which you arn't i will have the YNDIANA pwned!!!111111 for sig soon
  7. Yndiana

    Lol that may be so but i'm just saying To watch out for yndiana HAS NOTHING to do with my reputation so stfu
  8. Yndiana

    Yndiana said for a train earlier today and then had me killed lost a lot of stuff and its just another scamming incident watch out for him and be care when you train...
  9. selling

    save ip rings for me
  10. Tons of Stuff Ess's to Books you name it

    Yea yea alright whats your new ingame name...
  11. Heya i need some quick cash so i have a list of stuff i'm selling -- If no price listed below then just pm me ingame for the price Also i am buying some items... Selling- 200 Air ess only 6gc a piece 1.5k gold ore-- SOLD 2k silver ore--SOLD 500 iron ore--- SOLD 1k tit ore--SOLD 900 diamonds 3k coal 1 tit long- 950gc 3 iron battle hammers 5k bones 1 conjurere cape 150 magic ess- 14gc a piece 1k fire ess- 3.5gc a piece 4 serp stones MANY Rare books 5 tit mining 1 steel shield construc 1 bear fight 1 magic potion book 1 portland ring book 7 isla ring book 1 potion of feasting book 3 tit molding 1 garg summon 1 iron axe construc 3 tit short construct 3 orc fight 5 potion of summoning 3 book of steel axe 2 sun medallion building 2 puma summoning 2 potion of manufacturing 1 narilk ring building 1 uni med budiling 1 dp ring building 1 cyc fighitng 1 crafting potion THanks thats what i am selling.. NOW.. BUYING-- 500 health ess 3 moon medallions 2 unicorn meddalions-- (bought from bkc56) 2 steel shields cheap...--(bought from bkc56) THanks post here and pm me ingame At ATTACKINGGOD
  12. The World Championship of PKing!

    heh i'm USA with 49/53 a/d and 50/10 p/c -- ingame name -- Attackinggod
  13. Selling ISOF

    So far it looks like marty has the sword i am accepting offers for 1 more day.
  14. Selling ISOF

    Selling a ISOF ingame name ATTACKINGGOD. I accept GC or items or i will trade that and some other stuff for a differen't magic weapon.. looking for s2e of ice post here AND PM ME ingame
  15. Calling all guildleaders

    Sorry jeeeeeeeeezebell i think that it is a horrrible idea like what if i am guildmaster someone like "ME" heh then your lil councill we talking about people like me if i a guildmaster