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  1. Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children

    who here has the new ff film that just came out in japan on dvd??? because i do, and that film kick ass, ive been waiting years for this film ever since they said we are thinking of a ff7 film to tell the story after 2 years after the ending on the game,
  2. Made Map For The Garg Cave In Tarsengaard

    no it not possible because the garg tomb map is sharing the same map for all the insides of the houses, it not like the other maps where it is just the cave or town on the map
  3. The Eaf Championship

    lol nice screens, thats got to be the best death message at such a perfect timing lol, btw wooot im in alll the screenies lol
  4. head count

    Do the math in your head. Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. And another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total? Scroll to the bottom to find out. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ANSWER: Studies have shown that 98% of the population ends up with the number 5000. The math above actually adds up to 4100. Don't believe us? Get out the calculator!
  5. 50 Fun Things To Do In A Final That Does Not Matte

    lmao thats a good one, some of them i have done my self in Religion tests, keep them coming plz some of the ones i did was cover the whole test full of songs lyrics, brang those werid sexual bear key rings stuff and placed them around my table (if you don't know what bears i will post a pic) i got alot of werid looks from the teachers lol and the other tests i took seriously.
  6. The Eaf Championship

    lol ya,told you i wasn't making it up when i saw that guy at votd was in pink, all scammers on the tc client are in pink, no matter what they wear lol
  7. The Eaf Championship

    i took some screens too, not the best but it shows before, during and after the fight
  8. Selling iron, tit , steel axe con books!

    Lmfao, btw if you are not neww you would know that npc prices are bad, the only things people buy of npc is leather, thread, some tools, and they used to buy book but now the prices are gone mad, they need to put the prices back to how they was
  9. if you do put trimmed armor and coloured armor there will be a fat load of scamming, it will turn out like runescape, people every say i i can trim armor for free. im sorry but its just a very very bad idea. i like the way the armor as it is now.
  10. *co* is owned

    its not hard to get past corpus at all i did it with fruit lol just drop 1 or 2 on the floor and bang corpus runs to grab it so you got time to walk away from him lol, if you really want to beat that guild why not KILL corpus, it will take you a few months and help from a hugh army with rings of power lol,

    i knew it, thats npc price, but the price i gave was player price

    ok, because you are new to el i will tell you, steel, iron, tit axe con books are only worth 300 to 500gc max the most expensive book you can sell is the gen axe book, thats worth a wooping 25k to 30k or even more, im not sure of the correct price because it depends on the buyers, also do a price check (pc) on the market channel in game to check how rare the book is, so that way people don't laugh at you when selling on the market forum, i hope this helps you out
  13. Screen Shot Contest!

    to make a screen shot you do this, when you want to take a pic of sumthing funny or what ever press this button called print scrn its above your insert botton, then open you paint, go to edit and click paste then bingo you made a screen shot, have fun
  14. Groedius Made Pkable

    i say you should make it a new rule so that there is no type of scamming at all to newbies or to any one, im glad he was made pkable because thats what they should get, dam rs noobs with half a brain trying to pull the same old scams here, it makes every one feel better if they get to pk a scammer, then that was every one will learn not to scam in future, p.s. killing groedius in hell over and over again made me feel like satan lol this what i say to stupid noob scammers
  15. Stupid Noob Try To Scam Me

    lol i believe that groedius is also john_sillver, so this new john might be scamming again, btw it was fun having groedius made pkable, killed him 9 times in a row lol i first killed him on ip groedius is completely healthy. - Iraqi information minister hiko_seijuro: lol [sapientia]: well if you couldn't, i think it would be bad, wouldn't it fary? [PM from groedius: why u kill me] then he pm me when i was trying to find out if he was still scamming [PM from groedius: i can plate or trim ur armour so it has a gold outline] [PM to groedius: really?] [PM to groedius: could you do iron plates?] [PM from groedius: i can do any u like] [PM to groedius: cool ok where we meet?] [PM from groedius: seijuro not rite now ive been made pkable by a sad mod so i may die with armour] hiko_seijuro has slipped off the mortal coil. [PM to groedius: its cool we meet some where privet] [PM to groedius: you hinding from players?] and i found him in hell groedius is now a lawn decoration. groedius had an appointment with The Maker. groedius rests in pieces. groedius will meet you back at the respawn point. (which i was there waiting for him to kill again lol) groedius's a stiff! Bereft of life, he rests in peace! groedius dissipated in the ether. groedius had an appointment with The Maker. groedius was seriously injured but the soul still burns ... (so does my fists in his a$$) The fates were cruel to groedius (nope just me lol) hiko_seijuro: lol