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  1. Bush and Surfy

  2. Today's Invasion

    AWESOME!! An old fashion invation!!! AWESOME!
  3. Med Of Life

    Dare to forum pm entropy again? :P Anyways, I would guess effects add up Oh and by the way: check eMPi's screen shot of todays invasion, looks like it's being used no i wont pm ent again... I think it should be add up and the ppl there has mol no plate so thats why the plate should have a proer skill than the mol. maybe change the 25hp heal for a full restore...
  4. Med Of Life

    I want to know if the Steel Plate of healing will change the "magic" stats. Bc getting the mol its almost getting the special effect of the plate.
  5. When you are a noob, you dont know that If you change en to es in the option wind you can have many of the thing in the spanish. I think that adding a leng option in the instalation could be a great addition to the game. Also with that ppl could enter the game with the channels 1 and lenguage... that way if they dont know english they can talk to the own lenguage channel and that will make things easyer to mod/ppl in jc 1. Sometimes when i go to get pc from pp i see a lot of hola, alguien habla espaƱol?, me mataron (hi, some1 speaks spanish, i was killed)... and i do all the plz do not speak spanish here... join channel 255, or pm with bar "/" name... /mauriciom hola so that could help a bit... Im on channel 255 all the time as many other ppl that speak spanish, same thing with ppl that speak other lenguages... imhp this could help a lot... cheers
  6. Med Of Life

    I have some quetions about "5% chance to heal 20 HP when hit" the part i dont undertans its "when hit" its when you get a hit by fighting?, every hit you get?, poison its a thing that hits, so it works? when you hit something? its when hit? plz radu can you explain that... tks
  7. Selling books

  8. Selling books

    mmm this is looking good any1 else? they are 34 books 2 Book of Humans Fighting....
  9. Selling books

    3 Book of Titanium Mining 3 Isla Prima Ring Building 3 Book of Magic Potion 2 Naralik Ring Building 2 Book of Crafting Potion 2 Book of Humans Fighting 2 Book of Titanium Smelting 2 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Book of Orc Fighting 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 1 Book of Troll Fighting 1 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Bear Fighting 1 Book of Potion of Physique 1 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Stars Medallion Building 1 Portland Ring Building 1 Desert Pines Ring Building 1 VOTD Ring Building 1 Sun Medallion Building 1 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Titanium Long Construction
  10. Selling Hydro bars - 10 bars

  11. Selling Hydro bars - 10 bars

    PM ME with offer offer more than 100k
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    [16:32:54] #GM from Grunwald: so I was walking by a tree the other day in RL and saw some tree mushrooms... it made me pause. I almost wrote down the street coordinates to mail to bkc5 [16:33:04] #GM from queens: rofl [16:33:27] #GM from MauricioM: omg! thats for EL forrum post! sorry Grun [16:33:51] #GM from Grunwald: do it [16:33:59] #GM from Grunwald: it really happened. [16:34:06] #GM from Grunwald: I should take pictures and post them. [16:34:13] #GM from Grunwald: do a google maps integration
  13. Selling reds nap & red roses

    You dont want to harv... just pm me...
  14. Buying Steel Plate Mail of Healing
  15. Buy Damage CoL

    PM me in game