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  1. Since u bought me like your whore
  2. Invading Curses

    szatanserduszko+marwen =3+4th ..1left :*
  3. Why dont people PK anymore?

    First time i agree with ent , i dont mind if ppl which r busy in rl buy rostos and support game, not everybody can serp yeti all days ..(wonder why some ppl which play loads use $ also ) Yup thats why when u check top 50a/d 1,5years ago and now noone(who pk) left...if u dont count shiv or nitager which log on rare
  4. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Like usually wisdom from someone who know nothing about it
  5. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Rostos rnt so big problem, problem is cooldown cause not so easy run now..its main reason why is pk death..before u could run easy so even 50s level ppl joined battles..all what was necessary =be fast. Pitty there is nothing what they can do with it, too many new things added after that, so there is no way back.This topic is useless
  6. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Yup me too..all were fighting before....(u dont know cause u wasnt in game yet)
  7. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Kf was full every night before than came -rostogals,cooldown,brod,mana rings,magic armor/swords +atm nearly all strong friendly/allied vs pkg so noone who u can fight ambro such simply...wonder why u ask
  8. Titanium long of ice

    Buying ice tit long...leave message here...beep
  9. Titanium long of ice

    nmt sold..levin u buying one also..so post somewhere else:P + i will pay more than 40k
  10. harvest of sorrows

    Nah but it will increase gap among players again maybe..lets wait few weeks and will see if iam wrong
  11. harvest of sorrows

    Another neg perk for the strongest one...hellspawn will be easy soon also when medailon go cheaper.Same like when only top/$ can buy magic armor/weapons.Strong will be stronger and weak weaker :*
  12. Titanium long of ice

    selling nmt also btw
  13. Alchemy Shop

    1k air ess plx
  14. Misunderstood.

    So much love around \o/
  15. DIE! guild

    What the fuck, you PvP with corpus protecting you, making you safe, so yes it is. Both sides lame
  16. Total War - PkG

    and so we can only have war when they feel like it ..NOT very fair..am i wrong? it should be a mutual thing..thats the intention NO? True but also u should see kinda unfair have total war with guild full of workers also...so wonder how u wanna get total war with someone now...
  17. Total War - PkG

    Lol yup they made guild for total war ..but pkg isnt normal guild so they made same..only few strong fighters in..so would be same class guild like pkg
  18. Total War - PkG

    It is clear now then..u just wanted pk V workers..but if strong one declare u total war it is different
  19. Total War - PkG

    U need buy few more chars first :* (wonder if u will find some guild w/o alch/sum/craft/manu ppl for your total war)
  20. Pkg abd Brod

    El is still the best free mmorpg..just used to be much better
  21. Pkg abd Brod

    destroy stuff to half of el and then wanna pk fun?maybe would be best punish leave u alone on pk..or replace stuff first 100%agree
  22. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    liquid/mufossa etc try play this game w/o $ and u will find out soon
  23. Polska - Poland

    Tak Cze btw
  24. will you use lame weapons?

    I will use vs guilds which do same to me = *co*+pkg....never will use branch on anyone else for sure
  25. For the "omfg branchers!11!" people

    Just few facts..We used to have great battles with many ppl on kf every night.Then u came with cooldown,termals,rostogals,invi,bod,brod,mana rings..and whats result? I check pk maps every evening and rarely meet someone...I like new updates and stuff in game also, but shouldnt it bring more fun? Pk used to be instant action..we all miss old times...(well except few ppl who trying dominate game with dollars ) Before u will delete my post think little bit about it plz Actually this cape solved nothing with this break rate..it was added only cause wanted some ,,argument'' againts all critics...btw noone like brod only liquid,mufossa/pookies/quimbly/luciferx..thats kinda low compare to rest of game..