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    customizing certain figures and painting 40k figures and playing games :)
  1. Artificer broken?

    The art perk has been one of my fave perks, i was lucky enough to question it's value when i first started, and was told that what the encyc said wasn't really "double chance" but you will have more of a chance with getting that EFE than normal...so i got it, and have never looked back, 3-4 years on and and i'm still hugging it if it goes with the next update i will be upset but this is a beta game and we are the eternal testers so such is life
  2. IP ban

    (edit) all sorted now must have been a dodgy connection Hiya folks i seem to have a problem getting on...says i have ip ban and that someone has done nasty things... only myself and the missus plays...no brats or brothers, And i don't beleive i did anything wrong. unsure if this is the place to put it...i have AOL DSL if this is any help...i Look forward to hearing from anyone for a possible ip lift, all the best Doug
  3. Tourette's Guy

    Let's not forget that after winning BB which he so deserved, he is the one laughing all the way to the bank with his £100,000 winnings
  4. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    To make the vials manufacturable would be a godsend, and great fun
  5. Send good thoughts

    Congratulations, Caitlin is a beautiful little Angel, I wish you and you and family well in a new chapter of life \o/ , Miracles happen "Mother is the word for god on the lips of all children"
  6. Sommat i made..

    It works so well, she actually looks like she's eminating the smoke around her, lightning would look cool coming out of her hand, which in turn would make her 10 times the badass she looks.
  7. The Project workshop

    Hiya Folks , about a year ago i made a toy of an EL char in the form of my mate Gunther, well i thought it would be fun to make some more, after receiving all my materials i started to pull the plans first off i needed a subject...this came in the form of "agent scarlet" a female gijoe figure. Using RTV silicone rubber I took moulds of the individual pieces ie arms torso legs and waist, after the mould was ready i cast the parts using a 2 part liquid plastic this gave me the new basis on which to start sculpting the armour on.After the initial model was ready i started on the background...can you guess what map it's from? A special Thankyou goes to Gunther for helping me make the model and donating his models' shield HIs little man TAZ for giving me very important pieces to which i couldn't have finished Cheers taz and of course the lady herself Zi for giving me the screenies And so Ziara was Created
  8. horns of a dilemma

    savyl i tried to pm you with an apology but you weren't interested unless it was announced on here ...ok I apologise for my remarks that were said in my earlier posts....BUT! Your thread started off well, You asked a question, some of us answered, I even clicked the link you suggested about the support group ... You weren't to know that i don't need services like that, as i am a volunteer for the deaf/blind home in clacton, and i am able to support them because i have more understanding of what they are going through, my condition hasn't fully digressed into total blindness...yet (something i have to admit i am not looking forward to), So they take comfort in knowing what i'm talking about. But to then say that i needed to get out more and make more friends.....To me that sounded degrading and derogatory...exactly like last time when you decided to "say your thoughts" to my other half...and i still apologised to you for our actions... DID She ever see an apology from you...NO and i'm afarid to say your past actions don't make you perfect either.
  9. horns of a dilemma

    Uh yeah savyl i did take that a tad too personally, was just putting my 2p's worth on, then things got out of context, miscommunication on my behalf.
  10. horns of a dilemma

    beacuse you are saying that people need lives, for playing too much online games or games in such, saying that we all need to get out more and have a life such as yourself ," cos we are all sad and lonely for playing a game that takes so much of our lives" That is what it sounds like to me...but then i'm a realist with no eyes , Ssome of us play games for releif from the outside world...and now people who have played for years are saying *yeah you should get out more*... what you want people out the way so you can level more?...or that because people don't follow your advice we're all wrong?.... again hypocritical... you say that i may be interested in something that is a load of formal bollocks ie the support group you {you don't wan't to know how many therapy sessions i have been to about my *lack of eyesight * i just don't need people telling me to get out more and make friends when i have all the friends i need , and the years of playability in a game that makes me comfortable to play each day without thinking "I hate this game " and if you can't understnand my typing then i apologise.. WYSIWYG OOps shut your mouth ladies and gents as i think i have just been kicked
  11. horns of a dilemma

    wow sorry i misunderstood .that if you you couldn't physically walk out of your house ,that you didn't have a life!!!...) It's people like you that think because they beleive in GOD or think they wlak on ther path of righteousness, they are in the right all the time. just beacuse you think you are a child of GOD, righteousness doesn't always follow you ... AND yeah so what i was baptised on my own accord at the age of 18 many years ago, NOw i'm old enough to come to terms with my disability and my life... i have put my life in order , and yes i am very happy to continue with my lack of sight and to make life as fun as possible, and play games without fear of able bodied people telling me what i should do and shouldn''t in order to make THEM happy... Get a life and stop dictating to others how they should live their lives, damn hypocrites ...as a born again Christian like myself and as you aware saying yourself, You should have more understanding... or is that all hot air? like the rest of the faith ...now please tell me what i should do next in my utterless life that you think i have cos by the sound of things i'm a hell of alot happier than you in my life and games. Please feel free to moan at me... cos My life is full of life...if not RL then other things that amuse me oh and if you want to get me kicked from the forums/game, you are more than welcome you gotta love the person that thinks they're perfect though none exist...
  12. horns of a dilemma

    EL is my support group
  13. horns of a dilemma

    are some of us disabled?, unable to actually go outside, like myself, my disability limits my interaction with things because i can't see them properly (kerataconus) the sunshine will do more damage to my eyes than normal peops, so I look to things that will keep me amused , EL has the perfect package, it's free, you start with nothing and work your way up. so to some games like these are a way of life beacuse interaction in RL is very limited.
  14. I wanna kill someone for telling me this joke...

    Is that like the 1 :- how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb? Fish
  15. PM to me from Skuller

    Labrat yes I was wrong for posting that to you, but i cannot explain myself properly when upset or angry, (DD is not aware that i posted that log to you ,so if she see's this i am in even bigger trouble) So as a Public apology to you i take back what I said . my anger outweighed my reasoning as Stated this is ONLY a game...