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  1. Potential Lurer

    The Funny thing was that he wanted me to come even after i ahd told him my stats wich where like 10 a/d lvls over his, so he probably dsoent know the game that well. And he didnet ly about his stats to me cus i checked them right away...
  2. Potential Lurer

    He tried to get me in to TG pk cave to i guess he wanted my mirror cloak. at leats he sounded that way...
  3. Monsters a/d

    "Female Goblin - 32/35" isent it higher? cus they are way harder to kill then tall gargs
  4. What race are you.

    iam dwarf and go go Dwarfs =p
  5. land condition

    Its a good algunar and shallarara the only baad thing with that is that if a newbie goes to explore the word with all his/her stuff and poff an ant with for example 50 a/d comes from no where and attacks the newbie lose all his/her stuff
  6. Whats your favorite map?

    votd becuse iam a dwarf and i do most of my alc there and is the storage i mostly youse.
  7. forum game

  8. forum game

    eee 4
  9. forum game

  10. forum game

  11. Expedition to Irilion

    cool pics
  12. The Crusaders pic :)

    meep awsome wy did i leave :icon14: :icon14:
  13. More neg perks?

    I say no there are alredy enugh negative perks
  14. World of Warcraft VS Eternal-Lands

    El is beter becuse its free :smartass:
  15. Superpower

    hehe time stope cuold be kind of funn