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  1. More Gypsum Locations

    add Gypsum to TD dragon cave
  2. fyi madalinux

    you are trying to say you don't know how to copy/paste? lol it was a fun game? you quit over not actually being lured into an area and didn't actually lose anything?
  3. Making gold undropable

    newbies learn quicker by making mistakes though, if they lose something they'll be prepared better next time. besides if some stuff for newbs is undroppable that will just make them wonder later on "wtf why my steel chain drop?!?" better if they learn the hard way early on with cheap leather stuff.
  4. Sandy

    yeah, I know you hate it when people use effect instead of affect anywho, i'm guessing the hurricane passed and everything is ok?
  5. Making gold undropable

    imo a bit of danger/possible drop is good, no need to make some items undroppable. or a better solution would be #godmode for newbs untill level 40? if the only risk is gonna be sent to UW w/o losing anything might aswell change that too. will this pave the way to undroppable dragon armors/thermals without the need of rosto's?
  6. Sandy

    corrected a spelling mistake GL with the hurricane though
  7. Mage/healer class, reloaded

    pretty pr0 idea, definitely would try and mess around with it to see how it works. the only suggestion i'd add to it is scale the shield spell on your magic level when you have the perk, certain % more armor from shield spell for every x amount of magic levels.
  8. Removal/modification of rule 5

    i voted Yes, to remove it. although i'd like to see it removed with a restriction of interaction with 1 alt max. reason for that is so people don't flood the market with too much stuff/gc earned from 5-6 alts. on the other side being able to interact with an alt is nice cause it's so much easier for families to play together, or have the alt do the boring harvesting and do something fun on your main. besides you can only pay so much attention to 2 clients, removing the rule will do more good then harm.
  9. Pear finder cooldown

    well said Quesar
  10. Mage/healer 'class'

    problem with PP/nexus is fighters can just buy the pp/nexus to become both. if possible i'd suggest have mage items boost mage skills, which i dont know, but add a negative effect for melee combat to them that wears off a minute after switching gear. so a fighter won't use it to be both whenever he/she can
  11. Mage/healer 'class'

    even though not original http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56541 it's still a nice idea, maybe more new ideas can come up from suggestions section. even though the initial suggestion might not be good, i bet some good ones can come out of it by brainstorming/changing things in the original idea.
  12. Pear finder cooldown

    exactly, everything can be tried/changed and or removed in case it doesn't work.
  13. Pear finder cooldown

    does it always have to be about you? i'm not an ex player and no your not the center of my universe. just saying a 90 sec cooldown would be fair, or make them act like treasure finders.
  14. Pear finder cooldown

    90 seconds and make Pear finders act like Treasure finders imo
  15. good idea imo, but keep the name popping up in a blue message and make pear finders work like treasure finders
  16. Guns.

    South Redmoon Tiger tank!!
  17. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    question, with the waiting for mana/cooldowns accepted, how are you going to distinct between people who actually wait for those things, and people just standing around? and another bothersome thing, if i come across someone fighting, and think "well screw that guy, i hate his guts" for w/e reason.. would you be allowed to or would you be forced to help the person? doubt it's possible to distinct between people actually waiting for mana/cd and people just not wanting to help, if there was.. there would be no reason for this topic since you'd be able to see who did what, and could settle such issues w/o all this. so how will you prove who did what? or is it going on suspicions and fingerpointing again?
  18. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    broadening the 2 is almost the same as extra ones, since you add to the already existing ones. and no weaverdas, i haven't really read your post. I was just simply stating my view on the poll, and how black and white it is. either don't go, or be busy all the time with whatever the game has to offer. I'm surprised though nobody mentioned caltrops/mines yet to help aswell, if you want all or nothing include that too
  19. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    voted yes on both, outright afking with the intention of getting exp for minimum amount of effort is different from refusing to help someone cause of personal grudges, getting mana etc. or stand around with just a few left if you got no supplies.. go restock and miss the finish? lol keep in mind how do you prove people are not refilling mana while they stand around? do you expect them to summon away the mana they try to regain to be more helpfull fighting rather then summoning worthless rabbits? or have to spend even more gc on stones, new bow, arrows and summon stones on top of gear requirements? (depending on gear results ofc) result won't matter much to me personally anyway, didn't went to invances much cause of complaining/whining, now i can stop doing them alltogether to prevent getting in trouble cause of all the rules in a fun addition to the game. invances are fun but with all these added extra rules etc you have to focus more on the rules rather then having fun participating.
  20. New invance rules discussion

    why the hell should you be compensated if you cant be bothered asking? sure it's nice and simple for people to share just like that, but alas people are greedy and you can do something about it by not ranging then. I don't get why not getting a share is such a big deal anyway, if the rules change that still won't require people to share drops with you. atleast you get easy exp without buying an arena ticket, and a chance for a drop if someone is nice enough to share. hell with the bunch of bonus exp added for completing it what else can you ask for? complain enough and they might just remove invance.
  21. New invance rules discussion

    rangers rarely get shares on dragons +1. It's really crappy that some people are trying to indicate that the way drops are divided now is fine. It's not. For some people to always lose GC while giving tons of damage (rangers) and for others to always walk away with profit because they were the one engaged in the fight and that's how the game gives the drop (tanks) is a pretty crappy situation that only the people who are walking away with profit wouldn't want to change. I'm not trying to start a 'this class is more important and needed than this other class' war here BUT there is a problem with some people always getting profit and some people always taking loss when everyone helps out for the win in the end. if you don't get a share don't help then, simple it's really crappy that some people can't solve their own problems. no share, no help. see how quick they'll share to get your help. or do you go to work for free? complain to the government you aren't getting your share? no it's simple, you talk to people to get something, or if you don't get anything you look for something else.
  22. New invance rules discussion

    if the last 15 mobs are blue dragon, Mb's etc players who do help shouldn't complain, they get drops from them and good ones. while people who dont want or cant help dont get a share. seems fair. besides theres only 8 open spots to engage a monster, better to leave those spots to the people high enough to actually hit such things. btw schmurk, with increased a/d i'd probably attack dragons if i was in that invance range, even though i won't dodge it with enough people on it i might be able to hit it and get good att exp. might get a couple dodges too cause of Eva perk ^^
  23. New invance rules discussion

    pipers idea is interesting, double or maybe triple a/d exp from monsters so people will want to fight everything till the last monster.
  24. New invance rules discussion

    this bickering over who does most ruins the invance for people, it does for me, Tyrannis and Viper it seems, bet there might be more. people should work this issue out among themselves, if they cant spend the extra few Sr/He or arrows thats kinda childish, and if they don't win because of someone else that's not the end of the world. main reason i dont go to often, i can have most kills on my counters just bosses and still get people ticked off cause i'm out of mana or saving a bag. and its not that simple, hanging around not helping someone you dont like is different from not doing anything, the person standing around watching someone kill something might have tons of kills on counters and still be considered as someone who doesnt help and get booted?
  25. New invance rules discussion

    well yes, but how are you going to confirm accurately if someone is standing around cause of no mana? and why exactly do people have to put themselves in harms way to save someone else they might not like? last time i checked dis/tele or just dis/walk away works for everyone to get out of nasty situations. might want to think about the people participating. Outside of invances alliances and enemies are made, some just pk eachother and some grief eachother by broding, bagjumping, serping etc. you really want to force them to risk their rosto's for eachother? basically the whole point of this thread is to determine what everyone must do and must bring to invances. it's been clearly said, everyone should help from start to finish attacking/helping everyone in sight. if not with melee then by summoning, casting spells or ranging. real issue should be afkers who go to invances with the intention of going afk from the start or near the end, not people who do help out but just cant in certain situations.