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  1. Thegaffers "macro" Use

    your freind is thegaffer 2 and you are thegaffer you lier
  2. Thegaffers "macro" Use

    and dont delete this post... thegaffer is freddycarrot. they are the same ip and freddy uses gaffer to mule and macro for him now he wantes him back so he can macro some where secret where no one ever comes. dont trust me? run an ip check see whos who then delete my posts!!
  3. Thegaffers "macro" Use

    listen wdf stop deleting my posts... who let you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Groedius Made Pkable

    first your a scammer. straight newb from runescape 2 i was a player my self for 5 years and gold trimming and outlining is only from there. it does not exist here. and your pissed off at mihaim? hell he should of erased you for being idiotic. and a stupid exuse... some one was going to hack you... who who??? huh? noob?
  5. Nooby_noob

    son of a (dog) this bastard tryed to scam me on 2 different characters it was nooby_noob and ejder !!!watch out belali is a mother trucker hes is going to hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. King Of Pink

    wdf iron sets arnt pink tanyia you changed the pikc you you!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Fake Pker's

    ya aragon i also spell just as jsut... heh heh heh
  8. Quartermaster

    Quartermaster Main Attributes Physique: 504/504 Coordination: 504/504 Reasoning: 4/4 Will: 4/4 Instinct: 4/4 Vitality: 4/4 Cross Attributes Might: 504/504 Matter: 254/254 Toughness: 254/254 Charm: 4/4 Reaction: 254/254 Rationality: 4/4 Dexterity: 254/254 Ethereality: 4/4 Skills Overall: 0/20 Attack: 3/3 Defense: 3/3 Magic: 0/0 Harvest: 20/20 Manufacture: 0/0 Alchemy: 0/0 Potion: 0/0 Summoning: 0/0 Crafting: 0/0 how is this possible?? i dont understand
  9. Buying Tit Serp Of Ice

    im looking for a tit serp of ice new. if you have pm me my ingame name is Andariel i pay well as i have over 300k