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  1. MI removal ward working like MD/MB ward

    I tested today whith Theladin, in a guild pk place. It worked. Only curious about secondary effect of mana removal at each pace for MI user and other people.
  2. I used several Magic Immunity removal wards in Hulda, and all it did was to take off mana of my assistant as he walked around me. My assistant cast MI before i used the ward and all i got when casting harm was 'your opponent has magic immunity' I had 31% chances of braking magic immunity, and on 20 paces, only result was to take off all his mana. All my mana was taken off when i moved too. So it looks like MD ward action, even if the ward is blue whith golden top and mixed whith MI rem formula.
  3. Just curious

    Congratulations Moebird You realised one of my simple goals in this game. I am reading my 243rd book now and know how expensive knowledge can be in EL For my other goal, (all levels over 60), tailor and range are making things more complicated You are a nice example for all_rounders, Moebird dear Greymage, boss of GREY(inc)
  4. Eternal Board Game

    I loved to be there. Like Ppaul, i would have paid for being in Too bad i forgot long ago the trivia I want to congraculate organisation, testers and competitors. A great fun time Count me in any time to participate in a new one, or to help for organisation, testing or prices - or all grey
  5. New Screenshots needed

    Dont we all have sky client? If not, is there a link for installing it, please?
  6. Gods of Eternal Lands

    The idea of new gods is really interresting. As i'm trying the all_rounder way, i already gossip 3 gods. The possibility of gossiping a fourth god would be in fact what would attract me most . I think it will be the same head pain for Acelon to equilibrate the hates in a new pantheon as it will be for us to choose our 4 gods among all
  7. Selling Misc..

    5K for 1 book of tit sword of ice
  8. A mystery

    Count me in grey
  9. Temporary class system

    The idea is quite interesting. Would it be possible to make this class changing a SKILL? In that case, you have to learn the books of each class change you mix or cast the class_change. the class_change last less, say 30-60mn your chances of mixing or casting the class_change depend on your class_changing level. The price on class_changing components (usual components) would be lower (about 100-500gc) but very expensive in the biginning of skill leveling
  10. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce FX 5200/AGP/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.0.3 Driver NVIDIA No problems
  11. Server Crash Again?

    Well, as a good boy, i saved when i made an ele I tried to save when 5 minutes later i got a binding stone. I thought: grey, you're too lucky, something will happen. Then I tried to save and of course couldnt as i saved 5 minutes ago. I thought, no - it wont happen? Lool - it did
  12. Help crash the test server

    I created a ppl yesterday who did all first 4 quests whithout problems (3 basic + lasud) - i send him to wine quest (greymage_newbee is the name) wine quest completed whithout problem
  13. Rounder's Competetion !

    Sorry, i wont be able to participate Good luck to all
  14. Quote of the week submissions

    Sistema allowed me:
  15. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    First of all thank you for this idea. I become to get used to adapt my gameplay to the changes. For example, i was very reluctant to cooldown but it showed that it forced us to work our strategies. Of course, i am one of the players which will take most benefits of astrology: When i log in, my question is always: on which skill shall i work today? I am a low fighter, dealing only whith white rabbits and wont go in pk game before 8 to 12 month. As my human is 3, all i break is only a reason to work my manu or my craft. If my a/d is lower, i go down to cyclops or even armed orcs. My main concern shall be to optimise my days. I begun to use often #da a day and will be very dependent of the knowledge. I have then 2 suggestions: 1/ could you add a magic spell to know one's astro numbers? 2/ considering that the occasions of mixing and make enrich essences will be less often, could you augment the eme, efe and ele rates, please? greymage