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  1. Need help with connection to EL

    Hi Coffee, sorry to here your having connection problems, ISP's suck. I've recently been having problems with disconns with my ISP at certain times of the day. This has been caused by my ISP upgrading to 8mbps and the ISP's network server not being able to cope. My ISP uses a LLU server so my solution is to change to a new ISP with a different server type (this i can do as i am out of contract). Might be worth checking what type of server your isp uses and if there are any known issues with it, also if you post your ISP name we can see if anyone else using it has issues or not. If your only solution is to change ISP, request a Mac code from them. You can then give this Mac code to your new ISP and switch within 30 minutes. Without the Mac code it could take upto 2 to 3 weeks to migrate ISP. Hope you get sorted soon as i know you've been having issues for far too long now and your patience with your ISP is greater than mine would be Longtime Bogus
  2. My IP has been banned?

    I got on briefly and managed to check that my account was ok, but was banned again on next log on attempt. Been having some issues with my ISP anyway, was Freeserve, then Wanadoo took over and now Orange has taken over and i'm getting disconn issues gallore since 8mbps upgrade. Will be testing the Live Box this week to see if any better else i'm switching to BT. They can keep their free upgrade package if i can't stay connected or have a fixed IP Oh yeh they would've been Wanadoo when you blacklisted the IP, now Orange. Is there something i could say to them next time i'm on the phone to them...RE any issues you've had?? Action to take??
  3. My IP has been banned?

    And now i can't again
  4. My IP has been banned?

    I can get on now, so assume i've been whitelisted now. Thanks
  5. My IP has been banned?

    Hmmmm so Wanadoo is blacklisted? Could i have my IP whitelisted then please?
  6. My IP has been banned?

    Hi. I've not played EL for a few months and i thought i'd come back and check out any new changes i've missed and see some old faces. Tried logging on to be told my IP has been banned for something nasty I went to website and downloaded latest version, think my last verion was 1.1.2 but still says same when i try to log on. I certainly haven't done anything wrong and i have never passed my password onto anyone. I suppose its possible my account has been hacked, but theres no way i'm gonna know that ;p An unban would be nice or some clue as to what has happened
  7. eep

    LOL some people!! My parents just bought their first PC. Lets just say they're not young. It scares me to think what will happen next. They think its hysterical that a mouse is called a mouse ;p help me!! Atleast maybe now my mother will put her knitting needles down and my dad put his hammer away and stop destroying things he tries to fix. I'm glad i don't live too close, problem is i don't live far away enough either ;p
  8. Age survey!

    30 ... 31 in november, but don't look a day over 21..honest!!! Eeeee by 'eck, the good old days Atari, Spectrum, Commodore and my all time favourite Amstrad CPC464 with green screen monitor and built in cassette player. Fond memories. Even the sega master system seems like an age ago now Why would us old guys give up gaming when it just gets better??
  9. The hall of shame

    Contrary to popular belief i'm not a joker hunter, i got all mine in about 4 days
  10. The hall of shame

    yeh i'm just someone who nearly got booted for missing pm's because mods were wasting their time trying to catch out cheats like you. The REAL EL community won't miss any of you. The game will go on, for the better without you all. Players come and go on a daily basis. I never knew you before today and i won't remember you tomorrow. Have a nice life in your next game wannabe
  11. The hall of shame

    Personally i couldn't care less if mods did play with their stats and storage a little. if they are genuinely giving up there time and effort towards the development and policing of the game at the disruption of their own gameplay then why shouldn't they be able to adjust their stats relative to time committed. Some people obviously can't appreciate what they are giving, these mods are grown up people with jobs and families and yet we should expect the creators of the game to walk around with newb stats. But as Ent says, if you don't like the mods or sticking to the rules, there's plenty of other games out there!!
  12. The hall of shame

    Does such a thing as an 'approved clients list' exist??? Not really bothered for myself, only tried TC before which i liked for the zoom when fighting (low priority skill) but otherwise the new additions are good enough for me, and TC always crashed my game if i went afk so i didn't use it that much. I know all LOOT guild has used TC and no other client, but we made all the necessary checks to make sure it was legal before anyone tried it. The rules seem pretty clear to me, legal approved clients only, if in doubt check with mods before using. No excuses really, if the client hasn't been approved it shouldn't be used full stop. No point trying to blag your way out of it when you can't deny using an illegal client. If your guilty of simply being naive and not knowing the rules then your levels are unlikely to be high enough not to be able to replace, else you knew what you were doing. Those caught genuinely red handed - learn your lesson for the next game you play. I've been falsely accused of macroing before - my fault for missing pm's - but my reward will come when the genuine macroers depart and my name replaces theres, justifiably, in the tables EDIT: And don't we get constant blue chat warning of use of illegal clients ingame???
  13. The hall of shame

    God I'm glad i don't have children!!!
  14. Crafter's Strike

    Well i'm level 38 craft but a generalist. The idea of a strike to me and alot i've read above is comical. I have not been selling for a few weeks now because, as a generalist, my own demands for rings is high. I'm anticipating the introduction of new rings for cont2 at some point (how long?) and so apart from keeping my personal stocks topped up i'm building a stock of base supplies (gold/silver rings and pol gems) just to store and wait. I've done a few bulk orders in the past selling rings at 50gc each (and yes thats includes tele damage dis), but i don't mind selling them cheap as i've already gained masses of experience from harvesting, alchemy and crafting and can use the money to buy more sandpapers/leather/wine/threads asap. I certainly don't loose out on money like i do with manufacturing. I find it bizarre how some people do nothing but craft (possibly msn addicts) and can't/won't harvest mix their own. Do other skills really interfere with your spam...i mean chat so much.
  15. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    Please let me be the first to be scanned ;-)