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  1. Seams my ISP is banned

    edit your post and its the dynamic ip thing, alot of people have the same problem.. wait for an admin to reply here.
  2. Rare spawns

    didnt find anything on suggestions forums about it.. It's just a small thing, but maybe there could be like rare monster spawns. As in a very small chance that a monster will be spawned as a Rare monster, making it a bit harder to kill but their drops will be much better then normal ones. the problem only is, how to let people know its a rare spawn.. well i was thinking that the rare monster could have a slighty adjusted colour or something, or something else. And only a few animals/monsters of the total amount already in game would have a chance to spawn a rare. Hope it makes any sense.. -Q
  3. Guess the player name!

    couldnt see your second pic either, so i went with yndiana's pic, that one was easy though i dont know if i wrote the name right
  4. Guess the player name!

  5. possibel stats?

    raila, radu is the maker of eternal-lands. He is also known as Entropy on the forums.. he doesnt play (as in lvling) and I guess that big carryload is needed for either testing or making things that people bought from the shop (the last two things I'm only guessing).
  6. Volken from Guild die a scammer

    you don't make any sense Volken.. you scammed him/her
  7. Horns

    Really nice idea there
  8. BUYING: swords.... lots of swords...

    It's alive?!1?! nice to see ya again eva spruit ps - got 1 steel long and 1 broad sword :-p you can have those for free if you want
  9. Thermal Serp

    sure about what you accept? rosto/ess/cloak/money etc.. I would love to have the sword, but got 23 gc in storage though I can give a Bone-oD and CoL.. hardly used, about 4-6 kills only, always using the two items in pair, not seperatly.. dont really have a/d lvls :-P * * edit; this is for show aswell ;p
  10. privacy breaker

    wth, the thing got all me stats right.. ...
  11. Honorable pking

    amen Lorck
  12. IRON is branching out.

  13. Teh Invisible CoL?!?!?!

  14. Did you have fun on no drop day?

    was killing people everywhere.. then decided to buy some nice stuff col and bod so then this happend; Your enemy used the ring of disengagement, so he fled, and you can't move for ~5 seconds. demons: O.o You recovered 80 material points You recovered 118 material points TrashKing was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! The fates were cruel to TrashKing Zerth was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! The fates were cruel to Zerth michic0_ol: lol You recovered 185 material points xleminemxl: ouch You recovered 125 material points [PM from TrashKing: fight me without BoD] #Ig [OldSchool->^v^] farnsehn xleminemxl: 150 on me xleminemxl: watch michic0_ol: nah xleminemxl was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! xleminemxl is now a lawn decoration. michic0_ol: omg yes [PM from michic0_ol: how did you get the money for those?] [PM from xleminemxl: told ya =)] [PM to xleminemxl: hehe ] [PM from xleminemxl: wats ur p/c?] #GM from michic0_ol: spruit owns [PM to michic0_ol: just bough col and bod.. been saving up ] romedogg: hey knight [PM from michic0_ol: nice i need money like that] Knight11: sup #GM from SpruiT: SpruiT: cooldown #GM from Kramxel: just let yo shoudla lean Knight11 was hit with the bone of death for 150 extra damage! Knight11 went the same place that Goldy the Gold Fish went. michic0_ol: omg you did it again? and thermal serp versus bod.. so dont whine was a really cool day ;p glad i logged on
  15. Teh Invisible CoL?!?!?!

    i could see the crown, and i could see the crown on my own head so i didnt really know what it was.. but i guess its the other client then.. i had to knew it was something with you client, cous i could see it on your head and on my own head spruit