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  1. Cooldown log

    i read the forum 1st and wasnt happy with what i was reading and had a fealing i would want to leave after this too, but i decided to try it out and make up my mind from that and its really not as bad as everyone is makeing out especially if they make the feasting potions stackable, dont cut your nose's off to spite your face i think because its not that bad, certainly not worth stopping playing for or getting a ban from the forum for ..... so just COOL DOWN everyone ;-)
  2. eep

    i think but im not sure that the reason the card didnt fit is because there is diferent versions of the agp slot, so maybe the card will still work in a pc with the right slot, i bought a card about a year ago 128mb it was but i had similar problem and it wouldnt work and i had traveled like 40 miles to get one because they are very cheap at that place anyway i wasnt traveling another 40 miles to swop it so a friend of mine tried it in his pc and it worked fine so he swopped me for his slightly not so good grafix card and his worked fine in my pc ..... so have a word with some of your friends and try it in their pc, then if it works and they swop you will both be happy, if it works but they dont want to swop well at least you know it works and can sell it on. shame they dont make it easier to identify which slot is which in the first place, that could have saved you alot of money
  3. Norton strikes back

    this happened to me too twice and both times i was at molgor, it made me paranoid i was being hacked, anyway the next day i logged on and all was ok again so dont know why it did that
  4. eep

    ouch too bad you ruined the card but hey you made me laugh alot
  5. Age survey!

    34 here and ruthgar i remember that bouncing dot too, thank god things have come along way since then
  6. New Manufacturing System

    maybe u could introduce plateing of some of these items to make it even harder, like normal iron plate mail to be made 1st but then that plate mail could be made silver plated, gold plated and titanium plated all costing extra ingredience and all costing different prices on the market, and of corse the rarer the colour of the plate the higher exp u would need to make that item.
  7. Teleporting

    i like that idea alot but on the negative side like sparhawk says it wouldnt be good for pk as it could be used for ambushes and also it wouldnt be fair to use it in the new continant unless both players where already there because it could be used to bypass the toll just thought of another negative, if this was implamented it would be way too easy to harvest because i could sit there all day and harvest 20k of iron ore and then get my guildys to take the bag away in a matter of minutes, looking at it like that im sure theres no way the devs would allow this
  8. New Manufacturing System

    i think this is a great idea, i also like what piper said about useing flowers to dye items, maybe that could be implemented too or better still make dye making a part of alchemy so we can sell the dye on market for different prices depending on the rareness of the colour, this would also enable us to have custom outfits like tc-client did before the big update (well at least dif couloured outfits not the actual disign like some in tc) as for what roja says about manu i think its a great idea and fully support the idea if its implemented even if it does make life abit harder
  9. Avatar Battle

    my avatar is weaselturd in a space suit i thought it apropriete considering my space ship crash landed here (like in the past quest)
  10. Summoning extravaganza

    lord and loot guilds often get together for a summoning party like this, u can count us in, its great fun
  11. its UntencH

    sry didnt realise i wasnt suppose to post here
  12. Funky colors in a cave

    i had this same problem in ws diamond cave, i think this could be a bug and it seems to happen when i drop something into the bag before i pick the bag up
  13. Thankyou

    after a little chat with thankyou she decided to return the gold bars , but then asked me if i wanted to go death bag snatching with her lol anyway for now all is forgiven
  14. Jacoblin of Vulf guild - a serious bag jumper

    yeh he's a well known bag jumper, i hate bag jumpers and especially hate the way he thinks he can take what he wants, i feel we should help stop him bag jumping by telling everyone to watch there bags whenever he comes near a storage but i wont do this incase mods see it as harrasment so im asking the mods now if this would be seen as harrasment and if its not then all the guilds that have been bagjumped by him could do the same then pretty soon everyone will know to watch their back when he is around , when he did that to silk my guild mates where there too, if they had warned everyone in the cave when he 1st walked in this could have been avoided and silk woulda kept their stuff, and anything that gives any bagjumper a hard time must surely be a good thing for the better and nicer people of el so is it ok with u guys to warn people when he is around?