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  1. Method of redistributing some attributes and nexuses

    I voted Yes 'cause Ent is always trying to please all the players, the ones that buy stuff from the shop and the ones that don't. The guy is listening to what the players are saying and is trying to improve the game. I think the stones are definitely an improvement over what we currently have... Thank ent for taking your time to do this
  2. Break rates

    I understand your argument Desertus. But I see these people's high ranks, as rewards for their help in the game and the restriction on exp for a/d as an idea to fix an interesting situation for the community. The 'high levels players' were here earlier on, they helped the game by testing the client and server, going though all the server reboots, they helped fine tune the weapons we now use, they helped the staff to understand how to run and develop this game. There is also the free advertisement EL got from all the votes and word of mouth these people did. I only stopped here myself because EL got so many good reviews around the net... Should they be rewarded? I think so, they got a high level char, if they got tired of it, they probably just took a break (Stalag), sold it (Besiktas, dOcToR), or like many did a #kill_me yes (Lorck, DonPedro). The idea of the restriction on exp for a/d is not for those people, but for the vast majority, because like ent said, people are not training the way he first intended them to, and now the players are running into problems with power gamers (armor and weapons breaking, spawn fightings, etc).
  3. Break rates

    Would be very cool if u wouldnt compare getting exp at very high risk of dieing( training on yetis) to getting exp at noone risk( harvesting). 120 harvest exp limit is the only thing that makes afk harvesters r not oa 200 by now I dont wanna say harvesting isnt hard skill to make, especially at high lvls, its just very different from a/d skills eMPi Well, the point is exactly disencourage training and people stopped seeing leveling as an objective in itself, but a simple consequence of playing the game. But of course, most MMORPG players enjoy the progression, so it's kinda hopeless. I agree with Piter, harvesting is not the same as attack/defense training, that's why I was thinking of not only implementing the exp restriction by itself, but also changing other key items to training a/d, such as how often the armor breaks, add to that possible changes to the cooldown on specific items (SR's, Dis Rings) and you would have a game that is not only about hogging a spawn to level, but also about social interaction and maybe even rping a bit. I think most of the players that keep leveling non-stop are doing it out of boredom or obsession. Most of them do not have any fun while doing it. It's more like work to them.
  4. Break rates

    People will hate you for this suggestion, but it's another thing I'd like in a MMO. Pretty sure they will, lol. But I bet Ent would even lower the break rate for items if that was implemented
  5. Break rates

    Would a solution similar to what the harvesting skill has (you only get exp for the first 120 item u harvest) work for attack and defense? Maybe you would get exp for the first 30 monsters you kill in the hour or you get exp for only 15 minutes of any hour you train (in case ppl start healing their monsters or train in PK)?
  6. Quote of the week submissions

    From the Bans forum... He should have posted what he ate
  7. Break rates

    Great idea. I think it would be like Dungeons and Dragons versus a free form RPG system. I don't know how it would be possible to implement a free form RPG on a MMORPG with hundreds of players, but still, a great idea
  8. Suporte técnico em Português

    Como criar personagem / char / conta no jogo Eon Schmidt Esta é a Ultimate Version de todos os posts perguntando como se faz pra criar um char no jogo, pra acabar de uma vez por todas com essas dúvidas. Daqui pra frente, indiquem pra cá todos que tiverem dúvidas nesse aspecto. 1. Acesse: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/download.php e baixe o jogo se acordo com o seu sistema operacional (Linux ou Windows). 2. Instale o jogo em C:\Arquivos de programas\Eternal Lands 3. Execute el.exe 4. Espere carregar e clique na tela preta cheia de informações. 5. Clique em New Character. 6. Vai abrir uma janela com as regras do jogo. Aguarde 15 segundos (tem um contador na parte inferior da tela. Espere zerar) e clique em I Accept. Se o botão não aparecer, role a tela até o final. 7. Vai aparecer um bonequinho na tela escrito Player na cabeça dele. Neste momento, você pode girar a tela usando as setas ou segurando (apertando) a bolinha e movendo-o. 8. Clique no segundo botão no canto inferior direito da tela (com o desenho de um olho). Se os botões inferiores não estiverem aparecendo, clique na borda da janela e arraste-a para cima (mover a janela para cima de modo a aparecer os botões). 9. Vai abrir uma janela com opções de aparência: Gender é o sexo do seu char. Male = masculino; Female = Feminino. Se a janelinha estiver atrapalhando a visão do seu char, você pode movê-la clicando na borda superior e arrastando. 10. Na mesma janela, você pode escolher a raça do seu char: Human = Humano; Elf = Elfo; Dwarf = Anão. As outras 3 classes (Gnome, Orchan e Draegoni) são pagas. 11. Finalmente, em Appearance você tem 6 itens: Head = Cabeca, Skin = Cor da Pele, Hair = Cabelo, Shirt = Camisa, Pants = Calcas e Boots = Botas. Use as setas pra mudar cada item. 12. Clique no primeiro botão (com um bonequinho andando). 13. Escreva o nome do seu char onde diz Username. 14. Escreva sua senha onde diz password 15. Re-escreva a sua senha onde diz confirm 16. Quando estiver pronto e a senha estiver batendo (passwords are matching) clique em Done. Pronto
  9. Morphe

    QED? First axiom is true. Second axiom is not true. The word "invite" implies that you trusted the person (with your items in a pk map). A challenge is a more accurate word for what the chatlog described. The only thing I concluded from the log is that FireHeart must be new around here
  10. Ressureição do Português

    Seja Bem vindo Heu. Como vao as coisas no F7?
  11. Ressureição do Português

    Pois e', no forum da \A/ ja' tem um pessoal que vai fazer a vaquinha pra pegar o char do Lorck de volta, quem sabe dessa forma ele volte.
  12. Ressureição do Português

    Fala Tico, O problema do 500, e' que virou o "newbie channel" de Portugues manja, entao entrar la' pra ficar respondendo uma pergunta atras da outra e' muito chato. Falando nisso tem um site com uns guias para a o EL em portugues http://etsc.forumer.com E eu tambem traduzi o "troubleshooting" guide para o Portugues. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32482
  13. Needing Staff Assistance

    I see the work you do (along with the other staff members on the bans section), and I know it's a hard thankless job sometimes. Thank you for your work in that area, Aislinn. To edit the registry on Windows takes a bit of knowing where it is and stuff, and there are some cases in which there is no way to edit it at all. The registry is one way some companies enforce the 30-days trials on their software. So, to get a new registry number, the person would have to either reinstall the OS, use another computer, Duo-boot, or run something like VMWare. I don't think most scammers would go to that length in order to mule.
  14. Needing Staff Assistance

    Thank you for the answer in this, I thought it was something a bit more robust than what you described... The banning of an IP range sometimes from what I saw on the Bans forum as well as experienced myself (sometimes I fall into one) has some problems for the game. Like banning more people than just the troublemaker. There was one instance that EL apparently blocked a large ISP for a state in Brazil. I remember one day hearing that two people couldn't login from there, since than, they have been whitelisted however. Couldn't there be a way to write a registry entry when the game is installed, and just banning maybe that number from using the game? Could the same thing be used for two people using the same IP? If a IP has two different registry numbers than it would be alright?
  15. Needing Staff Assistance

    I saw a discussion on /. saying that AOL Now Supports OpenID. So I went to the OpenID's site and saw what it was. Could this be one solution for the problem?