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  1. Nederlander si teh banned

    why dont you just make the bridges bigger??????????????????? Seems stupid to tempt these kids like that, what a ball he must have had doing it. I remember talking to cindy about this last year, it wont go away, and leaving up to players to be considerate or get banned. Why call it an rpg??? they can only play 1 role, that of the nice guy, and who wants to be nice all the time?
  2. Losing any item at random is really stupid. Fair enough you should have to pay a price when you fight a stronger creature, and another player should get SOMEthing for killing you, but this 50% chance thing is just yeah... I don't know how many times ive died ( fighting the same creature for a week can get pretty boring obviously, so i always see if im ready for the next one up) and having to lose all; not some; but ALL of my items. It's tedious to get the gear (harv,mine,alch whatever then walk buy it etc.), and so easy to lose it? Maybe make the Alchemy cloak cost more, and give it a better item loss percentage. Then of course a penalty; say any item > $ < $ will be lost, or even just one locked in item. Players will pay highly for item protection. (I've lost over 1.5 mil this week alone)
  3. mages.....guild

    Sorry if you're reading this my friend did this not me i need to get a lvl to 40 anyway so sorry theres nothing happening yet... ....Of course The Red Wizards of Thay WILL be invading the Eternal Lands at some stage, but the site, and lvls will be first; and im too busy doing both to get it done quickly, read future posts for more info......
  4. The "Evil Castle"

    Im sure ur busy making ends meet and all but i agree with those who have already said it, it actually LOOKS rushed, the whole thing! The Name evil castle is sad, treetown (youre kidding?), Always so many docks and ports, portland(wtf?), very functional description of the place, but they dont conjour up images of evil foes and villains, or valiant knights saving the local maiden(virgin of course). A few ideas (because im not here just to vent i add my 2 cents is all) Evergreen(treetown)? maybe add a few elven npcs? The shores of Eluthera(portland). Ent said programming is like communication, so express your wildest dreams in the name, make us belive we are in another place and time, not just another new map.