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  1. Story & Quest Writers Agreement

    I, Eon Schmidt, have read, understand, and agree to follow the above terms of the Eternal Lands Story and Quest Writers Agreement. Since: My ficticious name Eon Schmidt, along with my real name André Schmidt and e-mail adress andre.schmidt5@gmail.com are show in the website, discriminating my work in EL (mapmaking: Emerald Valley Trade Route). I also avail EL crew to contact me, requesting future work/assistance in any depatment of the game.
  2. Ants

    No offenses, guys... I know Learner really put an effort when making the Ants, and I would be the last person to try and hurt the people behind EL programming, but... seriously... Ants are far the worst idea for EL playability... They are simply annoying walking around sniffing everywhere, sometimes there are a lot of them in the same place, what causes lag, and... Well, you all know ants. I would like ants to be completely BANNED, but since this isn't going to happen, I'd be happy if I could kick their asses whenever one crosses my way. (By the way, I love these smileys) ^_^
  3. richery

    Look, I'm not a RICH member, but I've got some real great buddies in there, so I think it's kind of my duty to help. I'm not here to claim innocents and guilties, though. So I'll try to get to a reasonable way to solve this issue without hurts and deads. If RICH guild paid for the right of having a regular bot, would it be Richery itself with all the goods in him? If so, we could reach a solution nice an' easy. If not... well... we'll have a long road of discussions ahead. -_-