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  1. Bot Banned plus or negative

    I don't own a bot, but I still choose not to trade with certain people. It's not everybody you see, just everybody you rob/scam and the people they tell about it. And why not? If someone jumps my bag, why would I want to trade with them? Sell them the stuff that took me longer to make because of them? I understand that some people choose to play the "bad guys" here, and I accept that it's their way of playing. If others choose to not trade with that kind of people, and warn each other about them, it's their way of playing. Is the latter really harder to accept than the former?
  2. Auction: 1000 S2Es

    BIN has been offered by a bidder who wishes to remain anonymous. The auction is therefore closed. Thank you all for bidding!
  3. Auction: 1000 S2Es

    Congratulations! But you're already outbidden…
  4. Auction: 1000 S2Es

    Sorry, I fear I need the money (or at least 900kgc). I don't generally rule out substitutions for money, but only on top of at least 900kgc.
  5. Auction: 1000 S2Es

    short version: Auctioning 1000 S2Es - CLOSED Starting price: 1100kgc. Minimum increase: 10kgc. Buy it now for: 1350kgc. Current highest bid Sold for: 1350kgc (anonymous bidder ) Nota bene: I reserve the right to exclude certain persons from the auction. Auction ends on Saturday, April 28th, at noon (UTC) (or whenever BIN is offered). long version: For countless days, I have worked in the cold mines and over the hot forge to manufacture these swords. Now you may or may not wonder how to make best use of them. I want you to consider this: What would Jesus the itinerant preacher of your choice do (with 1000 S2Es)? – Well, what wouldn't Jesus the itinerant preacher of your choice do (with 1000 S2Es)! To name just a few of the possibilities: Who hasn't been in this situation: You are a giant, and after each meal there's some elvish hair stuck between your teeth. Get rid of that nasty stuff – with this special set of 1000 fine, extra durable toothpicks! Do you wish to add a special lobby to your home, only for welcoming your very "best" "friends"? Then install a trapdoor, and underneath a neatly arranged display of 1000 Steel Two Edged Swords! When you were growing up, didn't you always want to have a swiss knife with more and more and even more functions? You can make your dream come true today! With this exclusive bargain, you can construct your own swiss knife with 1000 functions – all of which are "Sword"! Who says "the quickest way to a human's heart is through his stomach"? Any sensible dwarf knows it is through the chest. With a two edged sword. Or better: a thousand of them. "Of course I'm sure this is safe, darling husband. Now hold still while I practice my knife throwing skills with 1000 of the finest ever manufactured Swords from Forgelady Kaliera ™!" Valentine's day always arrives so suddenly. Buy early this year, and buy something extraordinary: A bouquet of Swords for your very special someone! Dont shoot the messenger. Stab the traitor with a sword! Better still: Get all your 999 friends a sword each and let them join in. shortest version: Buy my fornicating swords you rich PP grabbing children of unmarried parents! Love, Kali
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Greetings! My order of 20k red snapdragons seems to have been claimed and harvested by SubZero, but mercator tells me, he hasn't been online for three weeks. So I was wondering when he will get back online, and if that won't be for some time, if someone else would be so kind and supply me with those flowers. Oh, and thanks for all the other batches!
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Greetings! This is the first time for me to order something, I hope I don't forget anything... For questions, just ask me ingame, chance are better to find me there than on the forums. Kaliera - 20k Coal, 20k Red Roses, 20k Red Snapdragons - totaling 74 kgc, if I calculated correctly... Thanks in advance!
  8. the 4060 invance

    Hi, I would like to join in. I'm a crossbowdwarfess at ranging level 25. Since I don't really plan my online time, I can't tell when I'll be there to join an invance. So far, I haven't taken part in invances, I'm curious to find out how that is. :-)