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  1. Video card OpenGL version

    Video card: GeForce 8800 GT/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.3.0
  2. Wanted: Fire Sword Manufacturing book Magic Sword Manufacturing book Thermal Sword Manufacturing book Post here or pm Stormer in game
  3. EL 170 Pre RC

    Try to limit the distance, and try all kind of things until you identify what causes the problem. I limited distance to 40 and turned off everything in Eye candy and Sky&cam. Still jerking when walking and/or spining but a lot less. Tryed just about every setting that I could think of, still could not totally get rid off the jerking. I decided to update my gfx drivers and vola, now it works like it did with sky05...even with distance limit set to 100. So there seems to be some change between sky05 and the 170 Pre Rc that requires gfx driver update for some nvidia cards.
  4. EL 170 Pre RC

    Tested the 170 pre RC while hunting fluffys in imbroglio, was using sky05 before. I notice the new Pre Rc to be much jerkier when spinning the screen and when moving. The spinning jerking making it hard to use while hunting. Even when standing still there is a lot of jerking when spinning in place. Starting to get seasick after hunting fluffs for 40 minutes Also my fps is set to max 30...it drops to 22-28 when walking. When fps limits set to 0...the fps is ~60 when standing still...dropping to 43 even 30 sometimes when fighting fluffys. Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS Intel Core 2 cpu 6600@ 2.4GHz, 2 cores
  5. Leonard - Victim #1

    He talks in channel 6 and sounds like a lolcat
  6. Leonard - Victim #1

    Always Happy to pick up a 25k bag ^_^
  7. Automatic quickspell generator

    Link is toast
  8. more clicks

    The makers of the mouse usually have programs to bind the buttons to some keys...I use Logitec mx 310 and bind one of the side buttons to use the first slot in inventory (ctrl+1 or something). That way I can dis with the mouse (in combat) or eat (non combat) if the food is in slot 1
  9. Changing the Ila Prima tavern color

    No horses please...that will increase the number of requests for horses in the game... Edit: Unicorn would be very nice however
  10. Auction

  11. Auction

  12. RedKnight v2.0 (KillBot Source Code)

    Thank you for posting the code
  13. Stakhanov day

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksei_Grigorievich_Stakhanov Super miner
  14. Buying 1 Book of Fire Sword Manufactoring for 50k gc. (Done)
  15. Mixers needed

    I need somone to mix AE and EE. I supply ingredients and feasting potions. The contract is splitt in 4 parts. Part I: 4k AE 4k silver + 4k raw diamond + 4k WAL + 240 fps. Contracted to: Happy_G (COMPLETE) Part II: 4k AE 4k silver + 4k raw diamond + 4k WAL + 240 fps. Contracted to: Jowwow (COMPLETE) Part III: 4k AE 4k silver + 4k raw diamond + 4k WAL + 240 fps. Contracted to: Ferngale (COMPLETE) Part IV: 1k EE 1k silver + 1k iron + 1k TL + 120 fps. Contracted to: Happy_G (COMPLETE) Post here or contact me in game.
  16. Mixers needed

    All parts are contracted out. Thank you for posting.
  17. Mixers needed

    Free is prefered, but if you want money make me an offer...
  18. spell .ini

  19. Gah.. pls People.. concentrate more...

    Posting after comming home from a work place party does not help with the concentration... :รพ
  20. Gah.. pls People.. concentrate more...

    Try having my name. Stormer... People like to do #sto and often do it like /sto So I get many people pming me with gold, rabbit, meat, ess and so on. Even the mods do this....
  21. NMT game

    ~3500 fluffs ...3 nmt capes
  22. Three word story

    shiny metal chisel
  23. Three word story

    . But later she
  24. Three word story

    Meanwhile, far away
  25. 2 stacks of bones. I cant reproduce this. This happened when I took a bone I was wielding and put it into inventory.