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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. The possibility for a "C3"

    In Channel 6 there was a minimal discussion in regards to a 3rd Continent. As unneeded as it is, I feel this could be a cool expansion to the game, and add some slight variation to the two continents there has been for years, also a nice high level area. This does require some time dedication, knowledge of the MapEditor, and consideration of placement of things, also the spawns, insides, and such for these maps. Also the sizes, and such. I had an idea for this, I will now post this below in bulleted points. First, we could have this as a mini-continent. 3 maps. The names for these maps could be (and relate to what'll be there)"Dragons Den" This is the "Red Dragon" map, it could be designed with a 'hellish' outlook. Basically lava, deteriorated ground, dirt, dark red rocks, dead trees (scorched), and fires everywhere. The inhabitents to begin with, would be Red dragons, DCW, Feros, and other high-heat suited monsters (fluffy rabbits, Cockatrice, MCW?) "The Dark Lands" The second and middle map could be "The Dark Lands", this is where black dragons, and undead monsters could inhabit. This would be a nightmarish design. A dark map, sandy/rocky grounds, dead trees, and then the multiple dead monsters, basically make this a darker Nordcarn (in example of a map). "Tundra" This is of course, where the Ice Dragons could inhabit. Along with colder monsters (ACW, Yeti, White rabbits, WT, etc.) This would be designed with tons of snow, ice, trees, ice rocks, burgs, etc. Now, these are just some basic design ideas, and potential possibilities. We need mapmakers, size, and shape outlays or ideas. I can make these, as I have some experience with the mapeditor... But help is always nice! Please reply with your input and idea's, do you think this would be nice? How about some suggestions? Would you like this? Etc. Thanks! ~Eats
  3. Android client

    How do I send a message
  4. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    I'm pretty sure they only do this to BRoD tagged guilds, I talked to Erebos about this previously anyways... RICH is tagged for other members running their mouth at NCPKA. They also had warned RICH previously... ~Eats
  5. Android web page

    Typo's: "it could mean that even the transactions for the dsktop client nust "
  6. PK contest

    I think I'd prefer a contest where the odds are all within the same time frame. Such as how Wizzy's PK contest went to my understanding... Then have ranges within those. Easily done. I don't know if anyone is willing to do this, but while farming as a wee little nublet imagine the tokens! ~Eats
  7. Android client, 9th release

    The buddy list does go over. I'm not sure if this was there before. But it goes through the buddy window.
  8. Android client, 9th release

    It is kind of hard to see anything on either screen, could you use screenshots instead of a seperate phone camera? (Ctrl+P on PC) (Power button+down volume on android) This might make it simpler to see the display size for Radu
  9. How to play Eternal Lands Alone

    He was asking about building an offline client, for his-personal use only.
  10. Android client, 7th release

    Correction; I found a single error so far. When you hit a number i.e. so say "@@1" the numbers will double and make it "@@11"
  11. Android client, 7th release

    No noticeable errors within the client so far, other than the loading screen looks a bit buggy, but nothing affecting gameplay. The only thing I'd suggest is what was said in channel 6 last night over right clicking for options, like alphabetical storage. Also, maybe an option for skill bars in the HUD? Not required of course, but maybe the select few we can put in the bottom bar next to EMU. Other than that, I'd say it is ready for the full release to Google Play!
  12. Problems logging in on Android

    Make sure she has the current 1.9.4 compatible client. I had this same issue until I redownloaded the most current client.
  13. unknown message

    If it is the encyclopedia file. . The error is most likely brought on by a corruption of the file, or other damages to the file.. A simple file replacement, or reinstallation (as Revi suggested) should fix this issue. I may be mis-naming it, it may be named magic.xml, or something of the sort- if so; sorry to waste your time.
  14. Well, if it is such a problem that it happens... Even though they will almost always end up taking it off or losing it at one point or another.... Rewrite the code a bit for auto-unequip. But other than that, it seems that this wasn't considered when the code was written, or even fter all these years, maybe the coders for EL just don't think it is a big issue, compared to the other things?
  15. Hi, EatsAllLife here! In game I was thinking to bring a newer experience for everyone, that there could be SUBcategories. The subcategories could be lets say, under magic, there is the origin skill, magic, which could be the level required for the subcategory, for the subcategory lets say, Heal, as an example, the more you use it, that sub category gains more experience, and it can level up, until there is a max level for it, with each level, it grants more health gain, and and less mana? Example 2, Poison, for poison you could have it where it would with each sub-level, there could be more range for the spell, more power, with a longer lasting effect. Is this a good idea from the examples I gave? Let me know! Thanks! EatsAllLife
  16. banned for rule that's no longer

    Hi, its Mufassas a few years back I got banned for the multiplaying rule... I have learned that its not OK. But now beings its not a rule, may I get my character back?? Please and thank you ~mufassas
  17. banned for rule that's no longer

    Yes I have now... But I was wwondering if I'd be able to get this one back beings this is an older char irk I don't "need" it but be nice to have it as a secondary when my own char gets boring between levels!
  18. Banned

    hi i would like to be unbaned. i was trading with UiA and mufassass UiA is my dad and mufassass is my sister can i get my account back please i was really working hard on it and if i do i promise to not trade people from my IP address ever again!!!
  19. Banned

    okay so do we get our accounts back in two months im confused with what your saying and the RULES
  20. Banned

    yes yes it has but what if your account got banned huh? whatg wou;d you do you would want itr back now wouldnt you??? ( duhhhh)
  21. Banned

    hey im just trying to comprominse what will make it so we can play
  22. Banned

    how about this i have an idea mufassas, mufassass, UIA, and mystika get our chars back but cant trade besides its christmas we atleast want our characters for it
  23. Banned

    i hav a picture of my person on facebook but its just my char
  24. Banned

    how would i send it in i cant i dont have digital camera i cant see the problem here? please let me jpoin this game again i wont do anything else the accounts are mufassas is mine and UiA is my dad mufassass is my sister and mystika is my mom You aren't getting 4 out of 10 characters back that were locked for illegal multi. Especially without proof that you really were 4 people, and that doesn't even cover using each other's characters. I think you are missing that point. okay okay the cameras we use are on our phones and we cant put them on pc without the cords and if you wish take off some levels to get us back please Why can't you? our cameras are on our phones
  25. Banned

    i cant inport pictures what part of that didnt you get your missing the point