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  1. Girly girls heh heh

    reminds me of everquest, the EQ mascot (enchanter with staff on cover of all boxes) gets breast implants between every expansion. By the time Lost Dungeons of Norath came out she was well into DD.
  2. Some ideas to make that boring hole in the ground a little lively, NPC'S: Condemned - People suffering eternally in hell (like the ones in greek mythology that have to push rocks forever and stuff.) Underworld Keepers - demons, imps, and other denizens of the under-regions. Perhaps some quests from these characters or underworld boss nps. Harvestables: Some unique underworld stuff maybe...regular stuff would be cool too (black roses and swamp candles etc.).
  3. Hotkeyable Recipes

    exactly, i couldnt have said it better. There could be a limit on how many hotkeys we could make (say 2-3) so people would only do it for the things they were doing the most frequently. You could also just make it so when the player binds 'steelbar' to ctrl1 for instance it just fills his manu window with the goods from his inventory and he still has to combine it.
  4. Would be awesome if we could bind certain recipes to keys so i dont have to click 14 times (8 iron, 3 coal, 1 mix) to make 1 steel bar.
  5. I see need to put 2 sec delay on restore and harm but doing so for shield and other spells with no cumilative effects is just crippling to magic leveling.
  6. Red Names for Summoned.

    i dont know, the name of summoner seems like even MORE stuff for the server to keep track of, its been laggy enough since the summoning patch.
  7. I have consulted with Tirashazor and we have concluded that red names (or any other distinguishible color that isnt the same as normal creatures) would be nice for summoned MOBs. Thankyou for your time.
  8. 1) Apply reducing caps on the amount of an an animal that can be summoned depending on lvl of creature. eg. # of Creature that one player can summon at a time. Rabbits - 20 Deer - 15 Fox - 13 Red/Green Snakes - 11 Brown Snake - 10 Boar -8 Wolf - 6 Puma - 4 Bear - 1-2 This way you dont have people with like two dozen bears or pumas running around. 2)Give summoned animals blue names or something that distinguishes them from normal ones.
  9. love the racoon and moose suggestions, i think moose would be slightly tougher though....they do weigh llike 600 pounds and stand 6-7 feet tall.
  10. gotta be a way to make it more random, its no fun going into tournament if you know from outset that sk8erjosh or crus will win, and if not them vartican or me, and if not us then whoever is below us............exactly.
  11. Fishing!

    do you think i should do a poll about wether fishing should be implemented as a harvesting-combat cross? About the 5 second fish period, i think thats a good idea, how about the game keeps fishing for you until your line breaks or bait is stolen.
  12. A pot lady ghost tied to stake would be good idea methinks, wonder what Ent or Roja have to say on the matter.
  13. I say that it should go down witch burning style...she is accused of being a witch and is burned at a stake in white stone town square (someone can model a cool wooden stake sticking out of the ground surrounded by hay for fuel). Then her ghost would stay as a quest npc at the stake. Would be really cool to have a retired npc from the "old days" hanging out and giving some cool pot or witch quests. think about it.
  14. Fishing!

    yeah you got my english on that one, so does that mean no fishing? hrmm, What purpose could fish have in the game...
  15. Fishing!

    Thats why A) it would have to be more like a combat skill then a sit and click one. and Fish could have some cool magical properties or something. Maybe they could be summoning regeants!! Imagine, in order to summon the super good unicorn or whatnot you have to catch the illusive rainbow trout or something!!!