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  1. Hey I'm having this issue. Everything worked fine then upgraded to windows 10, now game does open. All the GL extensions say Couldn't find, not using. Framebuffer disabled... No clue what happened from just going to windows 10 but tried all the compatibility settings and none of that worked either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. daritha 10 tit swords loop

    LVL 65 Manu, Using Haidir Passes, recieved leather helm 4 times in a row. Can't imagine what the odds are of that happening but costly. Had the same thing happen with Haidir months back, same quest 10 in a row, That time only reported it to a Mod.
  3. Nexus potions

    I think its an awesome idea, just think it needs to last longer...1 min in terms of what you need a nexus point for isn't alot of time to accomplish much.
  4. Good Deed

    In the military we have what is called BZ - Bravo Zulu for note worthy acts. BZ for a job well done, BZ for someone going out of their way to help....I think you get the just. I'm here to give a BZ to Truemen of the guild Katz. A true noob when it comes to ranging, I made numerous mistakes at the GP archery arena on the last Robin Tell Day. Biggest was decide to engage the target with my bare hands....Results : Death!! Well Trumen stopped their training to retrieve my BD, returning all my items. Then once I got back to training they explained how to prevent it from happening again, Range Lock! So my thanks goes out to you....and your acts are well worth a BZ from me. ______________________________________________________________________ floors open for everyone to give me shit about being a noob, sure many will think it goes with more than just my ranging skills
  5. Jandir's Dvarium Mini-Quest

    Ok tried completing this quest with no luck, once getting to the text stating "thanks for the dvarium ore" the ore never leaves my inventory and no xp is gained. I tried this also with the ore left it storage with the same result. Not sure if the issue is with the game or perhaps there is more then just reading through the tutorial. Spoke with Maxine (greatly appreciate your help) who couldn't find anything in reference to this issue so asked me to go ahead and post the problem here. Thanks Again tyvm Maxine for taking time to look into the issue for me.... Tried to insert screen shot, but couldn't get it to work. I hope what i have wrote here is enough.
  6. IP Ban

    Downloaded update and recieved the IP Ban Message, please assist. Character Name: Bushido
  7. Problem for connection to EL

    I'm having the same issue as far as not being able to connect. On start up I get to "connecting to server" and it never connects. The reason I'm posting a reply here is because whatever help you offer might help me as well... I want to ask a question and not sure if it will help Racim or not but I've read previous post concerning connection issues and alot reference port:2000 along with chr0nik post quoting Usl well when I go into my EL program file "EL.ini" (think this is correct) it list port: 2001 in one of the first couple of lines. Am I missing something here?? Is port 2000 one used from before now its 2001, or this line referring to 2001 nothing to think about, EL uses the 2000 port????? I tried changing any file that referenced 2001 to 2000, but still got no change in my connection problem so I'm guessing this line referring to port 2001 is nothing the game even uses when loading. I have McAfee virus software and having given full permissons to the EL program which changed nothing, turned off firewall completely...nothing. All I did was go from 1.80 to 1.90 Racim I hope I dont take away from your post and only bring more ideas to help us both resolve our connection problems. Thanks, Tsu/Bush
  8. PK poll

    Well with PCSing back to Japan and being out to sea most of the time I have not been able to even long on but once things settle down and we are back in port I defeantly plan on getting back into PK. To all the EL community.....Hello and look forward to chatting with you all again. Later, Tsu-Bush
  9. What was your first guild?

    SegV--->Just--->ElkE--->HIM--->XPa GM`s as I remember it..... Segv: The_Antiroot Just: Joint Counsel ElkE: Joint Counsel HIM: The great and powerful GNNY XPa: Surfy and Bushido Great friends in all of them!
  10. Best PK music?

    The following Danzig Songs: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vgSn0SbQJQI http://youtube.com/watch?v=-apRCG2Nffc http://youtube.com/watch?v=j3wMbWzpHNY&feature=related This just cause I like it, not related to PK http://youtube.com/watch?v=qC-W0_cv85E
  11. Attacking PK'ers/PvP/FFers - Outlawry?

    Posting a PK`ers name in outlaws for killing you doesn`t really mean much to the PK`er other than perhaps a good laugh... I say more power to them if thats what they choose to do....perhaps let other players know who to look out for when they enter a PK map.... but just an FYI......watch out for everyone if your in a PK map, only makes sence.
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    Hands down my favorite by far......still laughing
  13. The Greatest EL Player

    PK.....Scarr by far, Brother I`ve seen you do amazing things in PK. My hats off to you. For balls... I got to say Zanter, the proof is in all the ros. No matter how many or who they were he`d come running. A great friend to me and many others. DP will always be a legend, we all know that. Many names I`ll mention because they will always have my respect and deserve recognition: Fireballs Mufossa LuciferX Pookies Asgnny OMG Zaer CG Crus Ziara Ambro Wexy Nienora Valkrie Matess Toomass Jakie Dragonsyoung The_Antiroot GGM LV As for whit: Pyewacket by far, every conversation leaves me laughing or a smile on my face. True friend till the end. For dedication, Surfy you amaze me....no matter what goal you set you always reach it. Ice thanks for introducing me to the game....your ability to negotiate has saved the lives of many guildies Hope they appreciate it. As for friendship the list is just to long........
  14. Tankel

    First I dont see how you can compare Tankel to a Doctor.........not even close. With human life...yes fate plays a part and you cant hold that against a doctor...so you should pay. Fixing a piece of equipment, totally different....transistor A goes in slot B, well there is no mistaking that.... If the repairman puts it in slot C and destroys the equipment....thats on him and not the responiblity of the owner. We all know there isn't a court in the world that would make the owner still pay the repairman for services he not only didn't fulfil but destroyed the item completely in the process. I wont go on any furture with this....We all know who's opinion matters here.....and that aint me, so whats the point in arguing. At least I was able to put it out there so thanks for that.....
  15. Tankel

    Not that I know of, and in that case I think the Doctor would have to pay money..... Now I like that idea, he breaks it....he has to pay for it.