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  1. el music

    is there anyway to turn the el music into something I can burn with musicmatch ?
  2. Eternal Toon

    oh i dont know, maybe because it is funnier if the newbs win
  3. Funny Signitures

    | i love my sig, thank you derin for coming up with it | | \/
  4. O....K....

    I like mine because i like cats and sniper rifles
  5. My Game

    Even though you already have people that have asked, if you need more beta testers, let me know
  6. mouse

    I have the evil red eyed mouse (optic laser one) btw roja, yours just looks weird, as my english teacher would say, "Thats witchcraft"
  7. My Game

    maybe the god is evil?
  8. laser guns? arent we getting a little ahead of the el time? why not magic swords* or something that would make more sense *by magic swords i mean swords that are a bit stronger example: you find a magic s2e, it has 4 extra points of damage than a normal s2e
  9. if that does come, will that mean we will be able to change the color of our clothes without paying 5 dollars?
  10. the Decline of Videogames

    Woot, Decline of video games 2 and 3 DoVG 2 DoVG 3 Let the great tradition of making fun of games begin.......AGAIN!
  11. Hard to explain, please read.

    If its a phoenix, wouldnt you see a red glow or something at night?
  12. The Eternal Race

    Sign me up
  13. What other p2p races would you like in game?

    duckyo, what are you going to do if they make ducks a fightable animal? anyways, how about a half medusa half human thing for a p2p race?
  14. Magic, combined suggestions

    spell idea: Lighting's dance: 30-40 damage and a 10% chance of your opponent being paralized for 10 seconds
  15. God Quests

    Cant we all just get along?