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  1. Guess the movie

    i wanna say boondock saints just for the background
  2. Guess the movie

    pretty easy, i liked the movie teacher luv that movie lo
  3. Guess the movie

    Lord of war
  4. Why dont people PK anymore?

    Really? When was that? fuck if i know, im not good at remembering dates and times, like 3-4 weeks ago maybe, the guy kept trying to pull a branch so when i was down to the last one i had to switch back n forth when he switched back n forth from weapon to branch doesnt god know all n see all lol
  5. Why dont people PK anymore?

    You know, there is this red cape that really works. no offense but it works and breaks usually before it can work.. broke 5?(1 borrowed) in like ~10 mins in nc arena ... its not that they dont work its the lack of staying on your back that is a problem
  6. Guess the movie

    umm... its guess the movie not the actors so you cna take that lil smiley off!!!! someone else can take my turn was only trollin and wanted to win marc's easy pic lol
  7. Guess the movie

    Bobby and no too many "famous" people to name iirc like 20-30 names in this movie and the pics photoshop'd in some places lol
  8. New Medallions

    npc's dont sell, as far as i know can be made ingame, no one has made them yet, as far as i know ari/cho you dont have to be such a dick stop trying to up your post count
  9. new face for me :D

    nice look yndi @namechanger, are you making new forum accs for all your names and trying to get them 1k+ posts or something?
  10. EL Hangman

    Rost Sale of _ _ _ _! I have four
  11. EL Hangman

  12. EL Hangman

    W and AMEN lol AND lol @ blee's first post on this page with new sigg lol
  13. The Grand Dragon Council is recruiting!

    you should see what i say in gm
  14. The Grand Dragon Council is recruiting!

    what rank could i get with Overall: 98/99 Attack: 75/75 Defense: 88/88 Magic: 58/58 Harvest: 70/70 Manufacture: 57/57 Alchemy: 78/78 Potion: 65/65 Summoning: 65/65 Crafting: 65/65 ? but on a serious note i would be interested in joinin dependin on how somethings turn out in HIM *wiggles self* do you want this :>!
  15. EL Hangman

  16. Know any good webcomic?

    ooo you guys for got the noob comic www.thenoobcomic.com seriously though http://www.commissionedcomic.com/index.php thats a great one its updated like everyday good shit
  17. Sun Tzu

    a/d you can only kill stuff so the xp is relavent, skills you get to make st00f just takes a lil longer but can make alot of xp just gotta keep making storage runs is all also if you know anyone buying 19k polished sapphs i wish i would of known before making them in school
  18. EL Hangman

  19. EL-Palooza!

    same and even then i usually mixed stuff and only did it for 3 hours longest not afk actually playing was 6? hours maybe 7 when schools didnt need food got like 15 craft levels lol <3
  20. Server down?

    you stay engaged untill you or the monster is dead :> hope you didnt have anythign pretty on... afaik you stay incombat untill its broken Offtopic :> sorry MAGPIE.... hey Another small update 25th August 2006 Just some small changes and a new hidden page. Nothing you need i wanna know, also u r pr0 at not allowing right click which makes me sad cause i knew a way to get around it but forgot
  21. Server down?

    leans over:: IM FREAKING OUT! i got d/c a couple time seems fine now though maybe some 1337 tech person can shed some light probably just the server telling us to go out n do stuff
  22. Guess the movie

    lol for some reason im thinkin boondock saints cause of the fucker in the middle for some reason and no clue
  23. Guess the movie

    damnit i said i wanted to guess at some you two made me sad
  24. Guess the movie

    someone post another i wanna guess